Digital Millionaire Secrets by Dan Henry (@DanHenry86) [Book Reviews]

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I first encountered Dan Henry through ClickFunnels’ 30 Days Challenge / book, where they interviewed 30 successful digital marketers and asked them to each supply a 30-day starting-from-zero plan for how they would build their business aid starting over again today. 

Dan’s delivery and style was one of the few who stood out amongst the 30. On top of that, he was selling online courses (like I do), was based on South Florida (like I am), and I liked his energy. 

Dan came back onto my radar months later when I attended ClickFunnels’ annual Funnel Hacking Live conference and Dan was a featured speaker. 

In addition to his high-energy presentation, Digital Millionaire Secrets, not yet available to the public, was gifted to everyone in attendance. 

I read the book in three sittings. 

What Dan Henry does well is what every expert must master to get their work into the hands of the masses: make the complex, simple. He does so in explaining how he scaled his online courses business to 8 figures (ClickFunnels gives special awards to people who hit 7 and 8 figures in sales, so Dan is well-known in the community) with only two products. 

My stance on book reviews is not to tell you what’s in the book — you should read it yourself, as what you get from it will not be the same as what I got — but the one key takeaway for me from Digital Millionaire Secrets is Dan’s insistence on FOCUS.

Master one element of marketing, one product, one strategy, before running off to another. Full focus begets full results. As soon as you divide your focus, you do the same to your results. 

Simple enough, right? 

That’s what experts do.