Dip Yourself In Gold

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Dip Yourself In Gold - Dre BaldwinWhat if everything you did was the perfect thing to do? If every word you said was the gospel? What if every idea you had was worth a million dollars?

Now, we all know that that’s not the reality, and that none of us is perfect. But think about that reality. Does it excite you? Does it make you feel better or worse about yourself? Does it make you feel unstoppable? What if everything you did, every thought you had, every word you spoke, was the gold standard? What if everyone was looking to see what you did to know what they should do next? How would that feel?

What if you lived that way for a day or three — would your confidence be higher or lower? Would you believe in yourself more or less? Would you walk, talk & act a bit more self-assuredly?

How would you communicate your ideas if this were the reality? How would you walk into a room? What would you say that you haven’t been saying? What conversations would you have that you have been putting off having?

What if you tried this for 30 minutes, then a day, then a week?

If it didn’t work, would you be in any worse a position than you were before?

And what if it did work?