DIY: There Is Only So Much One Person Can Handle Alone

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DIY dre baldwinI do a lot of shit myself. And a week or so ago I read a tweet where someone said (I’m paraphrasing), the only way you’ll be completely happy is to delegate everything except the things you really love doing.

The hard part about delegating, especially for a do-it-yourself type like me is that we don’t think anyone an do those jobs better or as well as we did. What we end up finding out is that people are smart and can do a good 90% or more of what you did. And, since it’s something you’re delegating, 90% is enough.

Now if you’re going to have people do work for you, they’ll need to be compensated. Look at this as buying time — you pay them and gain time in exchange. How much is your time worth? Money you can make back. Time, never.

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