Do Not Give Money To Scam Artist John Jordan to Play Overseas. Ever.

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UPDATE: John is now a head coach at a Military College in Missouri.

I wrote about John briefly in my Pro Basketball And Money post. And I think John (if that’s his real name) may have cooled off on doing the scam he bamboozled many a player with in the mid-aughts. I’ll describe how it works.

john jordan scam basketball overseas dreallday.comJohn reaches out to a player via email (usually finding you on some overseas-job-seeking website or forum) and starts name-dropping places right off the bat, saying he has experience working with coaches/agents in international countries. John explains that he’s no longer in the agent business but his extensive network can still place players on pro teams. Thusly, he can help you. (All of this, mind you, is coming from personal experience with John, circa 2004-05).

John says that although he is not interested in signing you or being your agent (since he now coaches high school players in the USA — North Carolina is his area), he can make a few calls/send an email and get you on pretty easily. All he wants for his work, then, is an up-front fee for his connections: somewhere between $200-350, which you wire to him via Western Union or MoneyGram (can you hear that red flag going up???).

[I was definitely intrigued, and had an email exchange with John of several emails which I would print if I still had that Hotmail account. Eventually John, who clearly has had success with his scam, tired of my persistent questioning of his methods and cut off communications.]

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You send the money (now, this part is from second and third-party stories I have heard from more than on hooper), and John doesn’t disappear like the normal scam artist — he keeps emailing for about a week, name-dropping countries like a travel agent. Eventually the messages slow and he fades to black, never to be heard form again.

The End.

As I said in the link at the top of this post: You NEVER pay an agent anything when you play overseas. And you NEVER pay an agent before you have made money, even in the NBA. Remember these two principles and keep your cash in your pocket.

Do Not Give Money To John Jordan.

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