Do Not Stay Seated; Go And Make Something Happen

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Every fucked-up situation hides an opportunity within.

Do Not Stay Seated - Dre Baldwin

The first opportunity is actually the best, in down times like those: an emotional charge that simply cannot be manufactured when there is no real pressure or threat facing you. The charge of emotion takes a person from good to spectacular. That same emotional charge can take one from minor setback to dead in the water if used the wrong way. You must always control your emotions, they do not control you. Remember to remind yourself of how good you really are. Then, question how long you’re willing to stay down.

Another opportunity is to look at what’s left — usually we feel down when we’ve lost or are missing something — and force yourself to make do with what you have. Your inventiveness and ingenuity come alive — again, in a way they never would unless they absolutely had to.

The worst thing you can do when things turn wrong is to stay in your seat and hope something good happens for/to you. Even if it does, you’ve created and reinforced a habit of passiveness that will embed itself into other areas of your life, even firing tomes when things are going well. Getting active and bringing energy to a situation causes change. And if the situation is fucked up, change is exactly what you’re after.

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