What Am I Gonna Do NOW?!??

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You committed, but have no concrete plans for how you’ll follow through.

What am I gonna do now?

You agreed, and now you’re anxious as to how you will deliver on the work.

What am I gonna do now?

You had no choice but to say Yes, but you’re still (VERY) unsure of yourself.

What am I gonna do now?

I’ve been at this point many times in life.

Sometimes, I’d committed my physical presence in multiple places.

I’ve made financial commitments that, at the time of the commitment, I didn’t have the means to fulfill.

I’ve written checks with my mouth, which I had no proof my skills could cash.

Yes, I felt all those feelings you’ve felt.

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Second-guessing myself.
Wondering if I could backtrack the whole thing.
Maybe go find help?

Most of the time, my quick-fix solutions were either not possible, unavailable or unwilling.

And, every single time, I figured it out in time to deliver.

What I’ve learned is, when we put ourselves in that What am I gonna do now? place, we ALWAYS figure things out. We always come up with new skills and new ways to produce. We always learn something new about ourselves – and it’s always a good thing.

Many people, though, spend their lives eluding these What am I gonna do now? moments. No silly risks. Never commit unless you’re 100% sure you can cover it. Everything in moderation, as the doctors and losers say.

Are there times and places where this is sound advice? Where it wouldn’t make sense to take a pointless risk? Yes, of course.

Just know this: the time is not always and the place is not everywhere. You cannot become a better person until you have some better challenges.

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When you’re in a position where you must ask yourself, What am I gonna do now? The answer is usually, You’re gonna learn that you’re even more capable than you thought you were.

But you can’t find out if you’re afraid of the question.

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