Do The Wrong Thing

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Do The Wrong Thing dre baldwin dreallday.comHow many great ideas have you had in life which you’ve never acted on or does anything about? You may be able to name some off the top of your head, but I guarantee many, many more evaporated from your mind off into the ether, where someone else picked them up and capitalized on them.

I receive a lot of messages, many of them questions about some proposed contemplated action of the sender. What if I do this? What do you think about this? What do you think I should do? What else can I do for myself? 

I mostly shake my head at these questions. Because I know the person asking me is, at that moment, doing nothing to help himself but waiting for instructions or permission to take action. All the while, someone with less ability and fewer resources is taking the chances the questions-asker won’t take until he feels “ready” or has his ideas confirmed by someone else.

Then, when the question-asker finally does take action, he finds that his confirmed, advice-driven action isn’t even the correct action to be taken. Thus he loses more time, more initiative and more opportunity. While the other person who didn’t wait to get advice has been taking action, failing, making mistakes and learning all the while. And when the question-asker and the action-taker meet — in sports, business, conversation — the action-taker will kick the questions-asker’s ass.

You’re better off DOING the wrong thing than THINKING ABOUT the right thing.