Doing The Most

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Doing The Most | Dre BaldwinA friend of mine likes drinking Starbucks coffee.

She told me how one day she met some guy who was sitting outside Starbucks, apparently working on his computer and some paperwork. According to my friend, there was some causal conversation and the guy was in the business of selling coffee (not Starbucks coffee, but some other company).

Naturally, my question was if the guy’s brand of coffee was better than that of Starbucks. I mean, if you’re sitting outside of Starbucks, and your business is selling coffee, and someone carrying a Starbucks cup strikes up conversation with you, you have an easy opening to a conversation with an obvious potential customer. Right?

My friend informed me that this guy, who sells coffee, never offered my friend a sample of his brand of coffee.


We have a phrase in our lingo of 2015 called “doing the most”. It’s used to describe people whose minds seem to be going in 8 different directions at once, or people who are trying to do more than the average person would deem acceptable. My theory is that there are way more people who fail for not doing enough than people who fail for doing the most.

Missing opportunities that are right in your face.

Playing (watching TV, social media-surfing, leisurely socializing) when you could be working.

Doing one when you should be doing either, nine or ten.

Think about the people you know and tell me what you see more of: Doing the most or not doing much? Seeing too many possibilities or not noticing enough of them? Working too much or not working enough? Selling too much or not selling enough (and it’s all sales)?

Every action taken is an ask to the universe for an answer in kind. The person who asks the most, gets the most answers.