Don’t Blindly Follow: Sheep Walk Into Slaughterhouses

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I was at an event a couple weeks ago, on my way out of the place. Headed to the exit, which I had exited though before, a couple walking towards me informed me that the exit doors were locked — so we turned the other way and looked for an alternative exit. 15 minutes of walking later I asked someone who worked there how we could get out — she offered to walk me out.

We ended up right bake at the original exit, the one that couple had told me was locked. The woman who worked there said, “did they try pushing on the doors?”


I wasn’t mad at the couple who gave me bad information. I was annoyed at myself for listening to them. I should have known better than to follow other people when I already had knowledge that told me otherwise.

This was just an isolated thing for me, but many people live therefore whole lives this way.

Someone else said it, so it must be true.

I have no knowledgeable of this, so whatever you tell me, I’ll believe.

I’m not sure, and I have zero experience, so I’ll ask someone who also has none and buy their opinion for no good reason.

Sheep don’t think, reason or make decisions. Sheep gladly walk into slaughterhouses. Human beings have bigger brains.

Don’t become dinner and a coat.

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