Don’t Get Caught Slipping [Daily Game]

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I don’t speak French, so I don’t listen to French rap. But Anna knows of a well-known French rapper who had a skirmish with a rival rapper, entourages included, in Orly airport in Paris (here’s the video).

My impressions from watching the video of the dust-up:

  • None of these ten-plus guys can fight. Not a single one of them. Which made it an even matchup.
  • There were more (missed) kicks than punches.
  • A couple times, someone got caught and hit by multiple rivals en masse. No one is even close to being hurt.
  • Even the landed punches were weak.
  • I hope these guys are not gangsta rappers.

For Your Game

  1. I’m not here to tell you that being able to physically hurt another person makes you tough or makes you a man. A guy will be in court arguing for his life after hitting someone hard enough to kill him. Maybe not fighting at all is the best thing to do. But…

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