Don’t Give A Bum $1

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don't give a bum $1 dre baldwin dreallday.comWhen you have (I hate this term — and yes, I understand the irony) “haters”, their only aim isn’t really to stop you. It isn’t to discourage you or change your mind. The goal of a bum-ass person throwing negativity at you is to get your attention.

As I discussed a few posts ago, attention is the most valuable resource you can spend these days. And there is no one forcing you to put money in the bum’s cup.

If a bum-ass motherfucker stands out on that corner grasping for your attention, begging at every red light (figuratively speaking), and comes home with nothing at all (no response from you), they’ll stop standing at that intersection.. and leave you alone.

Keep your money. And buy yourself a Snickers bar.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. Ignore anything and everything that doesn’t helps you. If it’s not helping you it’s hurting you

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