Don’t Give Up Too Soon

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There are times it seems like everything is working — for everyone else. They’re getting all the opportunity. All the money. All the success.

Every time we look up, Someone else is doing something new — and doing it well, and doing it rather easily. No struggle, no hardships, no long, fruitless days — in other words, the exact opposite of how things are going for you.

More Bad News:

Your mind isn’t deceiving you. The ease at which everyone else is winning isn’t some illusion. That’s what you’re looking for, and it’s what you find.

On the new television of social media, it’s supposed to look easy and perfect. Hair and makeup get done, metaphorically, before anything gets posted. Everything that’s not highlight-reel material doesn’t make the final edit.

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You will continue to feel like the only struggling loser on earth, for whom nothing comes easy.

There’s only one piece of Good News: Giving up too soon is the only way you wouldn’t reach your personal high point of success.

There’s a lot of people alive right now; even more who’ve been alive at some point. Most of them have not or did not reach the success you’re aiming for. They all had varying circumstances and different skill levels though. Some had more favorable situations than you and some had twice as much ability. So it’s neither of those that makes the difference.

The long term difference for any of us and what happens (or doesn’t happen) for us is in sticking to the task and going further than we have before.

Oh, here’s more good news: these are always under our control.

You may not spend much time in the lead. But you can’t lose a game that’s still being played.