Don’t Have Any Enemies? Make Some

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Don't Have Any Enemies? Make Some - Dre BaldwinEnemies serve a purpose in your life that your friends and family just won’t and can’t.

None of us would have friends if we said every single thing that was on our minds, or if we pointed out every single thing we noticed. Your friends know your flaws and love you anyway, right? Yeah, I know the whole a-real-friend-will-point-out-your-BS bit, but think about yourself: Do you point out every single thing your friends do wrong? Hell no — they wouldn’t be your friend if you did.

Your enemies, on the other hand, have no such filters. They probe for flaws in you and will gladly point them out to you – hell, they’ll even make them sound much worse than they really are.

Without those enemies, you may be deceived into feeling you’re perfect. Knowing that someone is out there looking for rust in your armor keeps you on your toes. It keeps you working to make sure nothing your enemies say is actually true. Besides that, how fun is life when everything is perfect and rosy all the time? We get sick of the sun after too many beautiful days. The rain balances shit out.

Lastly, consider this: Negative energy is often more potent than positive energy. Would you work harder to make $20 or to keep $20 from being stolen from you?

Who expends more energy: Someone talking about a bad experience or someone talking about a positive one? Energy is a hell of a resource — your enemies will provide you with plenty.

Having a few here and there won’t hurt at all.

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