Don't Preach At The Strip Club…

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Growing up, I had a neighbor on the next block over who was a zealous follower of Jesus Christ. 

I knew this because the guy and his wife, both in their early 20s, would roll up on us teenagers hanging on our corner and always open with the same question. 

“Hey, have you accepted the Lord Jesus as your savior yet?” 

He would ask this of each of us individually, always with full confidence and always wearing a knowing / annoying smile on his face. 

Oh — he anticipated people relenting against his questioning. He had follow-up questions at the ready. 

The guy would badger with his incessant questioning for a good five minutes — a long time to be talking to a person who doesn’t want to talk to you — before finally walking away, satisfied that he’d implanted something useful in that time. 

This guy didn’t know when to take NO for an answer — in a BAD way. 

He knew people didn’t like his line of questioning, and he reveled in pushing the subject on folks. He was persistent with it, too. 

I don’t know what became of that guy. But I hope he came up with a better strategy for converting people to convert to The Word. 

If I had decided to follow his Christian “advice,” I wouldn’t have come to him with it. I simply didn’t like the guy. He had made it that way. 


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Leaders pull people up with them. You can’t be a leader if you are the only person you’ve ever helped. You need people to join in on what you’re doing. 

But, that doesn’t mean you’re trying to pull EVERYONE up. 

Some people just don’t want your help. Some people don’t want to hear, read or listen to your shit. 

And you should be smart enough to stop trying to change their minds. Let them be. 

Notice that preachers, for the most part, save their preaching for Sunday service, when they’re talking to an audience of people who came to hear it — even if they’ve heard it three times before. 

Boxers save their fists for the ring, exchanging blows with other pugilists. 

Rihanna doesn’t break out into song in the middle of a shopping mall (unless she was paid to do so) — she saves her voice for the paying fans at her concerts. 

Convincing unconvinced people is a hard job, a thankless task for those who take it on. Take that job if you want to run yourself into the ground. 

If you want your message to land more successfully on the ears of more people, if you want to have a higher closing rate, save your pitches for the people who want to swing at them. 

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