Don’t Question-Ask Yourself Into Weakness

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I get asked lots of questions, which I’m happy to answer. One reason I’ve made so much content is to save myself from having to answer the same questions forever.

In answering so many questions though, I’ve found many people question-ask themselves into weakness.

I don’t mean the self-esteem-robbing type of questioning, where you’re not sure of yourself. But it is closely related. I’m talking about the how-to and what-if questioning that quickly becomes a crutch. The type of questions people use as an excuse to never take action.

I will start as soon as I get some more information.

I just had a few questions before I really take action.

I can’t do anything yet, because I don’t have the information.

I have found, the people who ask the most questions usually get a good amount of answers. Which you would think helps them, right?

Not exactly.

The more answers he gets, the more questions that follow.

Now he’s unsure of his original plan because some new information says something completely different. But what about what this guy said? I read this blog post or saw this video…

Before he knows it, the question-asker is powerless. He’s given all his power to the people with the answers, of which there are too many for him to ever make sense of. Too much information hinders decision-making. No decisions means no action. Without action, achievement is impossible.

Another promising life, over while you’re still alive.

Don’t let this be you.

Keep the following in mind when it comes to questions, decision and action.

  1. You don’t need much information to begin. My number is 10%: if you know ten percent of what you think you need, you can begin. [shareable cite=”@DreAllDay “]If you know ten percent of what you think you need, you can begin.[/shareable]
  2. The answers are in the action. The more action you take, the more the answers to your original questions will make themselves known.When I wanted to start a professional basketball career in 2004, there was no one I could ask questions of. No one from my school had played overseas. YouTube didn’t yet exist. I just started taking action after action after action, and figured it out. Now I share information with people… who still hesitate to take action.
  3. Questions are the enemy of decisiveness. A lack of decision-making belies a lack of direction. You have no purpose. Without a purpose, how can you decide between A and B? You have no compass. In this state, even the questions that get answered can’t help you then.In his great leadership book Relentless, Tim Grover shared a Michael Jordan anecdote. Before Chicago Bulls games, coach Phil Jackson would be giving last-minute instructions to the team about the game plan. Michael would take the scouting report sheet and leave the locker room to gather himself alone.Michael had no questions. He already knew what he needed to do. And if he didn’t, nothing was going to help him now.

The fact is, you don’t need more answers, information, or time before you get to doing what you (think you) need to do. You’ll probably mess up at first. You may have the complete wrong idea. You may be doing the wring thing for you, period. Better to find out now than later. Get to it. [shareable cite=”@DreAllDay “]Better to find out now than later. Get to it. [/shareable]

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