Don’t Take Every Fight

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Don't Take Every Fight | Dre BaldwinI saw a story online where rapper The Game had been in a heated pickup basketball game which resulted in him punching someone he was playing against. Not a big deal, really.

Then, the story continues, the guy who got punched decides to sue The Game for several million dollars, claiming brain damage due to the punch.

I could go on about frivolous lawsuits but you can look those up on your own. Not my area of expertise. What I will talk about is how some fights aren’t even worth the satisfaction of winning.

In some environments the wrong word or look to the wrong person will result in physical altercation as a mandatory response. Some people’s version of a fight is some tough talk and dirty looks, then walking away.

Punch that person in the face, and the entire police force is looking for you the next day. Better to dismiss him unless you can bait him into taking the first swing. Unlikely.

Better to be on that side, though, than the side of thinking it’s just talk then being surprised to find out it’s not. You’re always better off needing to take your foot off the gas pedal, figuratively speaking, than needing to press harder.

If you’re going to get in a fight, make sure your opponent is respecting the same rules of engagement as you are.