Don’t Trade Your Time For Money — Spend Money To Get Time

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Don't Trade Your Time For Money -- Spend Money To Get Time | Dre BaldwinThere have been many posts and books written and audio programs recorded on this topic, so I won’t do a super-deep discussion on why it matters.

But I’ll illustrate with a simple analogy:

Have you ever found money? Of course you have. In your pants pockets after doing laundry. In between your car’s front seats or buried somewhere in the glove box or center console. On the ground while you’re jogging. In the cushions of someone’s couch.

Money is everywhere. The government of your country prints it daily and spreads it around; ostensibly it’s nothing but colored paper with words and pictures on it. Valuable yes, but just paper and there’s plenty of it to go around.

On the other hand, have you ever found time in your pockets? Has someone ever offered you time — say, an hour or two — in exchange for working for them? Ever found time on your front steps?

Time isn’t a replenishable resource. No one can create more to add to the 24 you get daily, and we are all equal with respect to time. The only way one person can get more done than you is by leveraging money for time. I’ll pay you money in exchange for your time. You do what I want you to do for this time period and collect the money afterward. This is otherwise known as a job. And since you only get 24 hours per day, there is a limit to how much of your time you can actually trade for money. It’s an inefficient model for generating money.

So what you need to do is flip the equation: Use the money you have to buy other people’s time by paying others to do things that you won’t have to spend your time doing. This makes sense for the simple fact that spent money can be replaced and spent time cannot.

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