Dre, Are You Gonna Sell Me Something? Hell Yes!

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Dre, Are You Gonna Sell Me Something? Hell Yes! | Dre BaldwinEverything is sales.

You’re either selling or being sold to.

Despite these truths and the amount this information is driven into your minds, there are still people out there who are afraid and averse to the prospect of selling. They don’t want to do any selling and don’t like when someone sells anything to them.

Too damn bad.

I am a salesperson. I know it. And I want you to know it. I want you to know that when I call you, my goal is to persuade you into making a purchasing decision. It’s ok if your decision is to NOT buy from me — I’ll follow up in 6  weeks. I’ll be happier, though, if you decide to buy from me. Help me out — you’re supporting my business, after all.

You may be allergic to sales, but you like money, right? Salespeople make all the money. Name someone who is well-off financially and it is publicly noted… Salesperson. Oprah sells. Donald Trump sells. Drake sells. The person who signs your paychecks sells.

What are your favorite products? Someone had to sell that product… to CVS to have it on shelves. To your local auto dealer to have to on the lot. To the grocery store to have it prominently displayed. To this end, everything is sold before it is bought. And someone sold it to you in turn.

If you don’t like selling, you don’t like being in control. And that’s cool. 95% of people will spend their entire lives following and being controlled. Just know you have nothing to complain about when you’re deciding not to be in control. And choosing to do nothing with this information is a decision.

So yes, I am gonna sell you something. Always. And you’re gonna buy it, sooner or later. And I will keep calling you / making videos / posting blogs / writing books / tweeting until you buy something.

Then I’ll need referrals. Your phone is right there — give me 5 names and numbers.


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