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Commit to showing up day after day to do the work. 



Put yourself "out there" -- boldly and authentically. 


Mental Toughness 

Remain Disciplined and Confident through setbacks. 

Dre Baldwin? Who???

I’ve told my story many times and in many places — most notably in Work On Your Game (my book) and on Work On Your Game (my podcast).  

Here are some important parts. 

I started playing basketball “late” at age 14. Made my high school varsity team for the first time as a senior — and sat the bench all season. 

Five years later, I was in Kaunas, Lithuania signing my first professional basketball contract

I started blogging in 2005. My first YouTube video came from a VHS tape, and I started publishing new content daily before daily vlogging (or vlogging itself, for that matter) was a thing. 

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Today, I've published over 7,000 YouTube videos, 1,100 podcast episodes, 5,000 blog posts, and 22 books. 

My professional expertise is Discipline: showing up to do the work every single day, regardless of how you're feeling.

That video content, combined with this website, made me a "personal brand" before we were calling using that phrase. 

Those videos also attracted an audience, whose questions led to my first products (sold at $4.99 apiece), which made me an entrepreneur

My purpose started with basketball, and now centers around the Mental Game that I had to develop in order to make it in sports, and its application to your business and your life.

I created Work On Your Game to help people get their minds right -- for playing sports, doing business, and living life.

Fun Dre facts

- From: Philadelphia, PA [UPTOWN!]

- I've done 4 TEDxTalks -- see them here

- Countries I've been to playing Basketball: Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, UK, Montenegro, USA

- Finished the Miami Marathon twice [2017 & 2019]


My Favorite...

- Food: Bananas

- Meal: Spaghetti w Meatballs/Italian Sausage 

- Candy: Twizzlers & Skittles

- Snack: Caramel popcorn 

- Drink: Water or Rita's Water Ice. Nothing between. 

What People Say...


Dre, The life I decided to create when we talked is coming into being every day. 

I am so incredibly grateful.  You're the best. Thank you for changing my course by pushing me and challenging me. I honestly don't think I could have heard it from anyone but you at that point.

Jean South Entrepreneur


I was a really good basketball player physical but mentally I wasn't there... I went from good to unstoppable. Dre just doesn't cover Confidence. He covers Confidence, discipline, Visioning Success, dealing with negativity, mindset mistakes and much, much more! I have recommended Dre to anyone who wants to be serious in basketball or anything in life. Thank you again and Work On Your Game!

Grayson Honaker Athlete


The positive gains from the experience overall have been lasting and are evident in my day to day life. A big take away was being reminded of how much control each of us have in maximizing our quality of life each day. There won’t ever be a need to repeat this process ever again. If you could benefit from learning how to be more organized, more confident, or whatever...heck we all can be better at something! Contact Dre ASAP and make good on your plans to improve if you are really serious about it. His methods are sound and his approach is both polished and professional.

Jeff Rashad Thomas Service Specialist


I would sometimes let [lack of] self-confidence get in my way... Dre helped me get my mind right and become the person who I wanted to be. I highly recomend Dre for anyone who wants to to get on the path of getting your mind right and achieving the things that you really want to do. 

Work On Your Game! 

John Madson Financial Adviser, Business Owner

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