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Quick Dre Baldwin Facts


I am Dre Baldwin. Some call me DreAllDay. I’ve created two signature philosophies that apply to all areas of life:

1) Work On Your Game: The Pro Athlete’s Approach to the Mental Game

2) The Third Day: The Discipline To Show Up And Deliver When You Least Feel Like It

Everything I do revolves around these.


Philadelphia, PA — until I moved… to Miami, FL in 2007 [A: The weather, of course]

My business degree is from Penn State University [I attended the Altoona campus for basketball purposes].


I am author of 22 books — on Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness, Personal Initiative, Professional Basketball, and Athletic Performance.

I have keynoted conferences ranging from Marketing to Sales, Human Resources to College Students.

I created the athlete training videos genre in 2006.

I’ve published more content — 7,000+ videos, 5,000 blog posts, 1,000+ podcast episodes — online than any individual person in history.

I have read and replied to over 2 million [yes — 2,000,000] comments, DMs, emails and snaps. These supply the ideas for the majority of my content.

I have worked with business owners, business professionals looking to grow in their positions, soloprenuers trying to figure out what their next steps should be, to athletes ranging from amateurs to professional players.

I have written the majority of the content, and authored the ONLY reference book in existence on how to play professional basketball outside of the USA.

What I Actually DO

I played professional basketball for 9 years, traveling the world in the process. While doing so, I started posting videos to a new website called YouTube in 2006 [my Top 10 All-Time Videos]. Those videos created this now-normal genre of athletes posing their workouts online [yes, I invented that].

I started creating and selling my own products in 2009, which I still do.

I wrote my first book in 2011, called Buy A Game [get it free here]. My 22nd book is called Work On Your Game; read about it here.

After basketball, I started a consulting business, coaching entrepreneurs and speaking professionally. I’ve done 4 TEDxTalks on Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative [see them here].

My Podcast Work On Your Game has over 1,000 episodes.

If I can help you, reach me here.

More Questions?

My FAQ page is here — BUT, scroll down and read this page first!

If everything had gone according to plan, I would’ve become a football player.

My favorite athlete was Deion Sanders. Deion played football and baseball. As did I — in the driveways, at least.

I lasted only a few weeks on my first football team; my family couldn’t afford football equipment.

I played five years of baseball, even though I couldn’t hit or catch — probably because my father was the coach and all my friends played.

Stop Struggling To Be Mediocre.

One day I walked across the park to the basketball courts to see what I could do there.

I was tall, athletic, had long limbs, and I’m Black — maybe I have some natural advantages!

While I did have some physical tools, I didn’t know how to play — and no idea how to learn. And no one to help me.

My parents didn’t know basketball. None of the neighborhood coaches saw potential in me. There weren’t any social media influencers to follow online in the mid-1990s. I didn’t even know of an online to search through.

The Only Person Who’s Invested In Your Future Is You.

I got this wild idea that if I showed up to the playground basketball courts earlier, more often, and stayed around for longer, than the other, much-better-than-me players, I might be able to catch up and maybe eve pass them.

That sounds like common sense. But in 1996, no one around me could tell me that it would work. Ten years later in 2006, there still was no proof that someone like me could succeed by simply showing up consistently.

So I was going on blind faith. Luckily, it worked.

It got me on my high school varsity… as a senior. A senior who sat the bench.

I walked on to make my college team, but finished my senior year not even on a roster.

Work On Your Game.

Dre Baldwin

YouTube Video @ 24 Hour Fitness, Cutler Bay Miami


I published my THE first online athlete training video in 2006 to a new website called “YouTube.” The grainy content had been transferred from a VHS tape. The VHS footage was of me in my first pro basketball exposure camp (think of a job fair, but for athletes playing their sport, trying to make an impression).

My performance at that exposure camp had made me into a professional basketball player.

Having Game Is One Thing — PROVING It Is Another.

In basketball, I made myself part of the 1% who actually have a professional career. At the same time on YouTube, I created the platform for the millions of players who won’t become pros to still be “somebody” in basketball.

In the process of all this, my own career wasn’t exactly a smooth ride.

I didn’t always know when — or if — my next gig was happening. I had to stay ready, though, and those waiting-on-a-phone-call workouts are what made me known to millions of developing athletes worldwide.

In addition to the basketball tips, people asked about my thought process.

How do you stay disciplined to train when you don’t even know if you’ll get a chance to show it?

How can I be confident in my games when I played terribly in my last game?

What’s your motivation to work so hard when the payoff hasn’t yet come?

Your Expertise = The Challenges You’ve Overcome

My answers to these challenges become the brand that I’m known for today.

I created Work On Your Game to help people get their minds right, whether playing a sport, doing business, or just living life.

To build the Discipline to show up day after day to do the work. Which leads to…

The Confidence to put yourself out there, boldly and authentically. And then to maintain…

The Mental Toughness to continue showing up, doing the work, and putting yourself out there — even when the success you planned for has yet to happen.

While all of the above is great to have, it’s useless without the Personal Initiative to move yourself to action and make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen.

Have Your Game In Order. Always.

I am Dre Baldwin. You may know me through my basketball videos, podcast, or social media activity. Maybe you saw me speak at an event, or maybe I reached out to you cold to sell myself. My expertise is in the Mental Game and it’s applications to business, sports and life.

In addition to walking away from basketball in 2015, I’ve done 4 TEDxTalks, written 21 books (my signature book is coming), published over 1,000 episodes of my Work On Your Game Podcast, keynoted multiple conferences, ran two marathons, and more.

My principle is, I’ll always be better today than I was yesterday.

KP keynote speaker Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com 6

Sometimes someone asks me, “Dre, what exactly is it that you do?” While it’s hard to pin a single label on me, I can tell about the people who seek me out.

  • You’re not at your best yet, and you know EXACTLY why: between Mental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline and Personal Initiative, something is missing. You know what it is, and why, but you don’t quite know how to fix it.
  • You know that you need to have your mental game in order before requiring the same of anyone around you. Higher levels of discipline and personal accountability would help a lot. You know your business will never grow any further than YOU grow as a person.
  • You want to “do your own thing,” but you haven’t yet jumped in the pool, lacking confidence in what you have to offer. People just don’t know you exist, and you’re the main reason why they don’t know. 
  • You’re a performer, needing to improve your Mental Game. You allow little things — a bad game, coach yelling at you in practice, a lack of tangible progress — get you down mentally.
  • You wan to go pro – but you have no idea how.

Game Is Required — But It Takes More Than Just Game.

As a college senior in the early aughts, I wrote out a 10-year goals list of things I wanted to accomplish.

Back then, my hand-me-down desktop computer was so slow, I could type ESPN.com into the address bar, take a nap, and hope the page had loaded by the time I’d awoken.

Some of those goals — like having this website — have come to fruition. Others, I’m still working on.

I envision that, after I’m gone, there will be a legion of successful, accomplished people, who say,

“When I was looking for ways to step my game up, this dude named DreAllDay, Dre Baldwin, inspired me to take my game to the next level. I did it, and I appreciate Dre for it.”

I do what I do to provide people with what I didn’t have: the how-to guidance and understanding of the Mental Game that no one ever taught me. As long as I have the power to do so, there won’t be anyone walking this earth who has that problem ever again.

It is God’s plan — my destiny — to be doing what I’m doing right now.

How do I know?

Because I’m here doing it. Give me your time and attention, and I will help you Work On — and maximize — Your Game. Guaranteed.


Next Steps:

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  • FAQ about me
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“Your best work is your expression of yourself. You may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you’re the only expert in it.” – Frank Gehry

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  1. Hey Dre, what city do you live in? I live in Austin, just thought it’d be cool to meet you if you live close!

  2. In addition, my fianc√® is highly passionate about basketball and want to play overseas. He plays the position of Power Forward and Center. He’s 6’7 and he doesn’t know what steps to take to get to Overseas. He’s willingto work hard and put forth all the effort needed. He doesn’t know whether he should continue school or just get down to training for his dream. What stepsdo you think he should take?

    • He can read the Guides & Tips page on this site and help himself. He’s a man -- “I don’t know what to do” is not an acceptable phrase if he’s serious about making something happen for himself.

  3. If an individual had already played two years of college basketball and has stopped playing for a w while due to transfering to another Two year school to get the credits, hours, and grades needed, do you think that person should just focus on getting a job and training themselves to play for overseas, especially with a passion for ball, or continue to play basketball in college?

    • That person needs to decide their own life, if you’re in college you are basically an adult — too old to not be making their own decision on what to do.

  4. Hey dre,
    I was wondering if you could tell me what your actual ball handling and passing drills are. The ones that you do so like your daily routine. I’m 13 and just lookin to improve my game. I was also wondering what your routine was when you were my age, I’m just overwhelmed by all of the different drills I can do if you understand.

    Thanks, you inspire me

  5. Playing a sport every season of the year can be tough. Especially when you are trying to focus and really improve. Its hard to play without thnkinf about another sport. The motto “Work on your Game” keeps me focused. Its perfect. Whether its practice, lifting, a tournament, or a preseason game it always applies to your situation and thats why it works. I started watching your videos about 4 years ago to help with my game. At first I thought nothing about WOYG. Then i applied it to my game and i saw improvements in all aspects of football, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer.

    Who would of thought Id play the guy who helped improve my game. (PSU IM Building) Thanks for the help.

  6. Hey Dre, every time I walked onto the courts I always get looked down upon because of my image. The sad fact was, it was mostly true. I couldn’t dribble the ball to save my life or make a shot within 5 feet of the goal. I was tired of being mediocre so I started watching your videos. Now, I always surprise other people with my skills, and I help others who think they aren’t good at basketball because other people tell them they aren’t. It’s all thanks to your videos and your motto.

  7. Hey man you’ve been a great inspiration to me and I’d like to thank you for it. Thanks to you I’m actually improving my game and doing something good for myself. I like that you take your time to respond to people on here that have questions, which many people aren’t willing to do, and you like to improve and help others improve. You’ve certainly helped me, and not just in basketball. You’ve taught me to never be lazy, and to get up and do something. Keep up your great work. My violin teacher has always told me “if I can do it, you can do it.” I think if you “work on your game” and keep at something, that is actually true. Thanks man for everything.

  8. I got your ball handeling video and there is about 80 videos. I wanted to know when is a good time to move from one video to another

  9. Hey Dre,watched your Ballhandling vids this week… i like them bad boys. Dre Baldwin Greatest thing to hit youtube. Do you remember NBA Inside Stuff ?

  10. You really inspire me to go work hard and earn a spot to play ball and go prove that I am better than people think I am I didn’t make my middle school basketball team but I work hard every day and I really feel that I am going to earn a spot in the team next year. Thanks for your help.

      • Dre, I have been working on my crossover and its good but it just needs to be a little quicker I cant get it any faster. Any tips? By the way I watch your shooting videos and how to get the ball to have a spin on it, it really helped thanks again

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