Dre, Can You Help Me Get Better & Get In College/Overseas?

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Dre, Can You Help Me Get Better & Get In College/Overseas? dre baldwinEvery once in awhile, I’ll have post that is a copy-paste of an email exchange I’ve had with someone. I do this when I feel the exchange would swerve others who may have similar issues/opinions/questions. All identifying information, of course, is removed. You’ll see the question that was asked (Q:) and my response (A:). Beneath that will be any additional thoughts/links/information relating to the message.

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Q: I am [redacted] , im trying to get better at basketball so I can play for an college or overseas and make it big. Do you think you can help make that happen

A: Thanks for the message – no I cannot. Getting better and becoming a college/pro level player is your job. All the information you would need for making things happen as far as business goes, I have covered on my site. You are responsible for everything else. 

Good luck! 

C’mon son. It does not take help to get good at basketball — look at this website and my vids. Stop wasting time looking for help and help your damn self.

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