Dre, I’m Trying To Play College Ball But I’m Doubting Myself! Help!

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Dre, I'm Trying To Play College Ball But I'm Doubting Myself! Help! dre baldwinEvery once in awhile, I’ll have post that is a copy-paste of an email exchange I’ve had with someone. I do this when I feel the exchange would swerve others who may have similar issues/opinions/questions. All identifying information, of course, is removed. You’ll see the question that was asked (Q:) and my response (A:). Beneath that will be any additional thoughts/links/information relating to the message.

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Q: … I’m trying to play d1 basketball. I know I have potential and I believe in myself. I play basketball every single day of my life! I workhard to. I pull out cones and I do drills and stuff like. But sometimes I doubt myself at times because I’m 5’4 and my vertical and/or hops suck. That’s my only downfall. So if you can just help me out a little it will be so hopeful. Thank you for your videos and your support and may god be with you and you family.

A: Help you out how? You can check this playlist: Motivation & Mental Game Tips | Dre Baldwin

Your mentality at this point — college-age — is your job and you need to pick your own self up now. No one is going to do it for you now, especially if you plan on making a college roster. If you’re getting down on yourself you will not last long. Sink or swim.

By the time you get to college age, if you’re still doubting yourself, you are fighting a losing battle trying to play this sport. Maybe it isn’t for you. A college age person is an adult — you need to pick yourself up to get your foot in the door. And if you don’t no one will care or owe you help.


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