Dre, In What Order Should I Work Out?

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Dre, In What Order Should I Work Out? dre baldwinEvery once in awhile, I’ll have post that is a copy-paste of an email exchange I’ve had with someone. I do this when I feel the exchange would swerve others who may have similar issues/opinions/questions. All identifying information, of course, is removed. You’ll see the question that was asked (Q:) and my response (A:). Beneath that will be any additional thoughts/links/information relating to the message.

You can see all of these posts grouped on this page.


Q: hey dre whats going on man, 
listen i started lifting weights now and im getting in to some seriouse 
training that includes weights and short sprints to max my speed on the court and my strength. 
seasons over so i got plenty of time to work on my game. 
my question is what order should i work out? 
hit the court weights then sprints? 
or something else? 
thanks man oh u big time,

A: [Since I’ve made several vids addressing this question — but still get emails about it — I sent this guy links to the videos]

Workout Schedules – Practice Basketball First, or Lift Weights First? What Do You Do, Dre?

Strength Training & Weight Lifting Tips for Basketball Players 

There is no “right” order for working out; do what works best for you. The only way you’ll know what that is, is to try different things.

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