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Do I need to explain what these are? There are more stories on video — many more — that unfortunately had to be made private, to protect the identities of otherwise-innocent people. If you didn’t see those back when they were pubic (circa 2007-10), you won’t. Such is the luxury of life before everyone had digital devices at arm’s reach. Read more stories on the Game page.

My Personal Basketball Story [2011]

This and the video after this were me sharing with my audience — who at that point watched me practice basketball, and not talk much — who I was and how I got to the position I was in (which, at this time, was in the middle of my professional playing career)

How I Got Here [2011]

My (YouTube) Basketball Story

Facing An And-1 Streetball Legend in Miami

And shutting his ass down. #FACTS

Facing A Philly Streetball Legend in Philly

And kicking his ass, too. #FACTS

How And Why I Re-Developed My Jumpshot

Necessity is the mother of invention.

My First Pro Basketball Exposure Camp

The most pivotal event of my post-college life.

4 Years Of High School Basketball Tryouts

How I Earned Respect In Basketball

The Bitch-Ass Referee Who Was Still Scared Of Me

And I didn’t even realize who he was until months after I’d seen him again.

Sex (Halfway) In The Car? In Broad Daylight?

Only in Miami.