Eating Motor Oil for Breakfast…

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If you’ve ever seen an IHOP commercial (or that of any breakfast-serving restaurant), you’ve seen the image of perfectly round, fluffy pancakes with delicious maple syrup pouring over their edges and sliding patiently onto the plate. 

If you’ve ever eaten pancakes, even right there at IHOP (or any other breakfast-serving restaurant), you know that it doesn’t happen that way. 

Pancakes are absorbent. 

Pour syrup on a stack of pancakes, and the syrup absorbs right into the cake itself. Let it sit for even one minute, and you have a plate full of syrup-soggy pancakes. 

What are those restaurant commercials doing that we’re not doing, then, that makes their pancakes so neat and clean-looking? 

Motor oil. 

The pancake topping in those commercials is not maple syrup. It’s the motor oil — the same stuff that lubricates the insides of your car. 

Life is often selling you a story that’s not completely true. 

How syrup falls delicately over pancakes. 

The supermodels that will crowd around you when you smoke these particular cigarettes. 

How you can earn $5,000 per day in only 27 minutes of work. 

It takes real effort to not buy into the story. 

Because the story will have you insisting that something is wrong with you. 

That you must be doing something wrong. 

That whoever you are, it’s still not quite enough. 

Don’t buy the story — write and sell your own. 

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