Emotional Arrest: Control Your Emotions At All Times

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Emotional Arrest - Dre Baldwin

Many things will happen in your life. Random shit happens. People do unpredictable things. The weather will change without consulting you.

Some of us let these things control how we feel. We get upset, happy, angry, sad, frustrated… All depending on things we don’t control.

In the middle of that is the one thing you can control: Your emotional homeostasis.

Nothing that happens — words spoken to you, a rainy day, a decision made that you didn’t control — requires you to react in any certain way emotionally. Your favorite people, the idols and stars that you look up to, all have random stuff that confronts them that they didn’t expect or even want. Those heroes you have posters of? The only difference with them is how they react to that stuff. You have a choice as to how you react.

Emotions that are always in flux — high when this happens, low again when that gets said — wreck your physiology in more ways than one. The people you look to as leaders, when you think about it, always seem to have a steady control over their emotions. They determine how they will feel, why they feel that way, and about what and when they will feel that way.

Read Miranda Rights to your emotions: You have the right to remain silent.


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