The Empty Gym

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People used to always ask me why so many of my basketball videos were filmed in an empty gym. How did I get the court all to myself?

Did I own the building?
Was I renting it out?
Did I just come really early or really late?
Was I the only basketball player in town?
Did I not have friends?

I myself never found the answer to the question. All I knew was what I wanted to get done and what was required to get it.

Maybe the gym was empty, but if there had been other people training, I wouldn’t have noticed.

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Our technology – like this very Instagram app – has made it easy, too easy, to watch what everybody else is doing. Whether they’re good, bad or ugly, it draws our attention. And attention requires time.

Time that we’re now not spending focused on ourselves.

Here’s a simple productivity tip to start doing your best work, get more done faster, and up your focus: Stop thinking about what anyone else is doing.

Our brains work best when focused on ONE thing, for an extended period of time. A break in focus means you have to start over again at zero. A lack of focus means you can never go deep in your work, resulting in the surface-level production that’s becoming the norm from a world of focus-deprived people.

Know your program. Commit to it. Follow it. And don’t look around.