More Than Enough: You Have What You Need To Succeed

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More Than Enough - Dre BaldwinHave you ever noticed that when you are low on things — time, food, money — that they are even harder to come by and, seemingly, nowhere to be found?

But when you have plenty of food there’s always more to eat?

When you have abundance in funds, you find money on the ground?

When you have plenty of time, you always seem to have more than you even need?

It’s not luck or happenstance — it’s all mental. When you are thinking that you don’t have enough, the message passes to your subconscious and everything you see reflects that thought. When you feel you’re good and have everything you need, or even better — that you have MORE than enough, guess what? Your subconscious picks up on that energy and all of a sudden you have find things that reinforce that thought. This is why a rich (minded) person gets their meals comped and makes more money than they’ll ever need.

It’s also the same reason a poor (minded) person is always having just enough to get by. Your programming determines what you see and what you get. As you probably can figure, this is a choice you can make on the spot.

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