The Epic Keynote by Jane Atkinson (@janeatkinson) [Book Review]

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“Patricia Fripp passed along advice given to her from the first President of the National Speakers Association, Bill Gove: “The seminar comes from the discipline of teaching and the keynote comes from the discipline of show business.”

Jane, of whom I’m read and reviewed another book, has cut out a nice niche for herself as an informed source when it comes to speaking for pay. This book, heavy or speaker quotes, stories and subheadings, reads almost encyclopedia-like. And that’s a compliment.


You could, if you chose, jump around in Epic Keynote to the sections that lost interest you. I’d advise against it though — you’ll probably miss the part that makes the part you’re looking for Work well.

You Should Read Epic Keynote IF: You want to make money as a professional speaker. This book isn’t the end-all on the topic, but converts enough basics to help and inform you.


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