Every Champion Must Win On The Road

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Hip-Hop mogul Puff Daddy held an event called the Revolt Summit in Atlanta last week. It was billed as an event made for and by Black people who are part of hip-hop culture. 

I wasn’t in attendance, but from Puff’s promotional posts, the Summit looked like a blend of networking, information panels, and entertainment, and not necessarily in that order. 

There was a panel at the end of the Summit, though, that has become the highlight moment of the whole weekend. 

The panel in question featured six participants, with three of them stealing the show. 

One was Atlanta rapper/actor T.I. 

The other was another Atlanta rapper, actor and activist by the name of Killer Mike. 

The third was Canance Owens, whom Wikipedia describes as a “conservative commentator and political activist.”

As soon as I saw the video on YouTube, with the above names listed as participants, I knew I had to watch the entire 80 minutes. 


Because Candace Owens’ significance is in the fact that she’s a Black woman who is vocally politically conservative. 

Candance was not a fan of Barack Obama’s performance as president, and she’s openly supported Donald Trump’s presidency. 

And Mrs. Owens, a well-read and articulate speaker, is more than able to explain her views. 

If you’re reading this and you’re not Black, or not in touch with “the culture” (I’m using quotes because, what you see on social media does NOT represent the totality of Balck culture), know this: a Black person supporting President Trump is basically like wearing an “ATTACK ME!!” sign in front of a rowdy bunch of agitated people who are looking for an argument. 

Candace is not some unknown person trying to gain footing for her views. Mrs. Owens is one of the most prominent Black names who’ve supported President Trump. 

Everyone in the Revolt Summit crowd knew her stance and what she was about. 

And Candace Owens showed up on her own volition to this very Black, VERY culture-ish event to talk politics— the very thing that has a lot of Blacks disliking her. 

Of the 3 main panelists I mentioned, Candace was the only one who wasn’t, literally, at home at the Summit. 

I respect it. A lot. 

Not because I agree with Candace’s political stance. 

Not necessarily because of any points Candace made on the panel. 

I respect it because Candace Owens knew exactly what kind of environment she was walking into. And she walked into it anyway, performed, and walked out.  

She walked into a panel and spoke in front of an audience of people who’d mostly already decided how they felt about Candace and her ideas. 

She was seated next to a gangsta rapper who has, loudly, opposed Trump and anyone who dares stand next to Trump. 

She knew all of this. And she still showed up. 

The video of the panel has gone viral, accumulating over 1.3 millions views in the first 4 days after release. You can watch it yourself, along with a response video I posted earlier this week.

On the Work On Your Game Podcast, I’ve talked about playing “road games” many times. 

A road game is any situation in which the environment is NOT set up in your favor. The odds of success are against you. You may even be expected to lose. 

Winning on the road is a REQUIREMENT for becoming and staying a champion. 

In sports, teams must learn to win on the road to win championships. 

To win an election, political candidates need to win a handful of regions that are close enough to be taken by either them or their main opposition. 

Do you want to develop Mental Toughness? Show up to more road games. 

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