Everyone Ain’t Equal…

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In any group situation, the person who has the most skill / knowledge / experience is the person who should be talking the most. And everyone else should be OK with that, happy to follow. 

This most-knowledge person has the most credibility, the clearest insight into circumstances, and we could reasonably assume they would have the smartest suggestions as to what to do – they have the experience, after all. 

For example, I have friends who teach at schools. When the subject is education, I mostly ask questions and listen. 

When the subject is playing basketball, I mostly speak, and they listen. 

Most rational people agree with this logic. 

The problems arise when one of two dynamics occur… 

1: One person happens to have the most skill / knowledge / experience on every subject that comes up — so it seems that this person is maliciously dominating the conversation when in actuality, they just happen to be the best person to speak on each topic. 

Luck of the draw. 

2: One person in the group is NEVER the most skilled / knowledgeable / experienced — on anything — so while everyone else gets a chance to speak and lead on a topic, this person never gets the chance. They see this as unfair. 

We can call this the un-luck of the draw. 

The inconvenient truth is, everyone ain’t equal. 

Some people have earned the right to speak / lead more than others. And some people haven’t earned the right to speak / lead at all. 

If you want to change the dynamic, Work On Your Game and skill up. 

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