Everyone Do Your Job [Daily Game]

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If you follow my Instagram or Snapchat story, you know about The Building.

It’s being built across the street from me. I first snapped it in 2016 when the foundations was being laid; today The Building is over 30 stories high. And almost every day, I post a photo or video of people working on the building.

Nobody builds something that big, that fast, alone. It’s the coordinated efforts of several people, who each know their specific job and does it, every single time. No missed assignments, no excuses, no I-forgots.

Anything that does get missed or is not done right will be found and fixed, as there are people double and triple-checking everything on and in The Building. That’s how it is when there are lives and millions of dollars as stake in a project.

What about you, though, with not as many (or any) workers and no outside investors?

Who’s responsible for:

  • The overall plan
  • Making sure steady progress is being made
  • Checking and double checking all work for quality and efficiency
  • Showing up every day and doing the job
  • Sticking to the plan


For Your Game

  1. If you have a large goal to reach, there’s only one way to reach it: continuous, steady effort towards that goal. Which means you need a plan, and a strategy for working that plan every day. I wrote The Mental Workbook for you to make these goals and strategize the corresponding plan.
  2. If you have a clean plan and sound strategy, it should be obvious over time, how the plan is coming together. Maybe not every day will be a Great Leap Forward, but you should be able to see, at least in 90-day increments, how you’ve gone from where you were to where you are. The Mirror Of Motivation is your self-guide to self-discipline.
  3. If you were working on The Building’s construction team, you wouldn’t be afforded the luxury of a not-feeling-like-it day. You either do your job, fully, or they’re replacing you. If progress is moving too slowly, the person in charge of the workers will be yanked out of there, and fast. Time is money, literally, for The Building. Treat your work with the same urgency.

How do you measure your long term progress? Do you have a plan in place and a strategy to get there? Reply and let me know.