Everything Ain’t Supposed to Be Easy

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Everything Ain't Supposed to Be Easy | Dre BaldwinToo many people have this false impression about life: Everything is supposed to be easy and convenient and not too much hard work. Too much work means something is wrong with it. These are the same people who are mediocre in pretty much everything they do. Look at them, you’ll see for yourself.

Convenience will kill you. Slowly, deliberately and quietly. You wake up at 45 years old and realize you never reached any of those goals, always taking the less-work route and one day you jump out of bed in a cold sweat, wondering what the f*ck happened.

In the last month, I’ve had separate conversations with two friends who have told me they were holding off on starting new businesses. Not because they couldn’t see how they could make money and be successful — because to start a new business, each said that once they looked hard at the situation, it would require WORK.

No shit! Really?

And it’s not even that either of them is allergic to hard work. They both work very hard — for someone else.

I did my best to help them out with information, motivation, fear-of-loss (if you don’t do this, this will happen), used myself as an example — all of which failed. All I could do in the end is let them be who they are.

They will both suffer death by convenience until their minds change.

You know all the hard-work, have-what-others-won’t clichés. Even though they’re all correct, I don’t like repeating them so I won’t write them here. But you need to consider them the next time you’re backing away from an opportunity because it’s too inconvenient. That’s what most people do.

And you’re not like most people, are you?

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