Everything Is Material: Use It

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My favorite author Robert Greene was once asked during an interview how he comes up with ideas for writing, since writing is his full-time work.

“Everything that happens is material. Material for a book. Material for a novel, for a screenplay.”

I’ve adopted this and use it. You may not know it, but my writing is all material from things that happen to and around me in real life. It might be something that involved me personally, someone I know, or something I saw online involving people I’ve never met. But it’s all material.

Become a master observer in your world: Everything that happens to you, good or bad, can be used. You may not make videos or have a blog or write books, but what you see becomes part of your knowledge. Knowledgeable, observant people (which some call “wise”) are valuable. Because you can save someone time and money and heartache by sharing what you’ve seen and how it played out and where this situation might go. This comes from simply playing attention.

Knowledge is power. Applied knowledge is wealth.

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