… If You Did That Every Time

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Shaquille O’neal credited on specific guy as the hardest to guard in his career. It was a college teammates named Stanley Roberts. On one of Shaq’s books, he says that Stanley was pretty much unstoppable when he got mad, but was “just OK” otherwise.

Stanley played in the NBA for a while, and one night he must have been mad.

Playing against the Chicago Bulls, Roberts dominated, carry his team (the LA Clippers) to a rare win against Chicago.

After the game, as the story goes, both Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen hunted Roberts down and scolded him about his performance. Yes – scolded him.

Do you know how rich and famous you would be if you played like that every night?!?!

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If you’re a casual, or even serious NBA fan, you may have not heard of Stanley. I wasn’t yet watching the NBA religiously in the 90s when this happened, but I never saw Stanley Roberts play. Though I’m sure he understood Mike and Scottie’s admonishments, I’m not sure he was willing or able to heed them.

Most of us have this same issue at times in life. Some situation or moment sparks a flame in us to being more out of us than we usually do, and the results reflect just that. Then we come out the next day, next game or next project, and don’t duplicate the energy.


There’s only one reason: We know what it would require of us, and we are not willing to go there again.

That’s it. There is no other reason, excuse, or story to it. And yes, this applies to everyone – including you.

I’ve thought about this phenomenon many times; here’s my current answer as to how to make it work for you.

Think of what you would gain if you did go that hard every time.

That result you got from your super-effort: what if you could get that every day? What kind of rewards would you reap if you were always that active and engaged?

Who would take notice? Who would look at you differently? How much differently would you look at yourself?

Often we default to the negative in life; in his case the “negative” is the effort and energy we’d be trading for the expected repeated results. The only way that can be negative, though, is if your result isn’t rewarding enough.

What would you be trading all that effort for? Is it even worth it? Be honest with yourself — then answer might be a big fat NO!! And if it is, it would be good to find out now.

The only reason you’re not doing that all the time is because you don’t want to. You need to find out why.