“Here Are My Circumstances/Limitations That I Use As Excuses. What Should I Do? Help Me!”

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"Here Are My Limitations That I Use As Excuses. What Should I Do? Help Me!" dre baldwinQ: Hey Dre. I need some help and advice from you. I am a sophomore in high school and I’m only 5’8. I am really working on hard on making varsity. My 1st try out is on November 15th. I have been doing your jump Manuel for the last month and a half, along with ball handling drills, shooting, and running. I transferred to my school in the middle of last year so I didn’t get to play, which means the coaches don’t even know who I am. The reasons I have doubts I’m not going to make the team is because there are only 4 or 5 open spots and all of the kids already on the team are 6’3 and taller and they all have 5 or more D1 offers. Can you please give me some advice or help. Do you know of any ways to be fearless and confident? Also can you tell me how to get into the right mindset? 

Your excuses are worthless and will be the reason you don’t make it if that’s the outcome. Your height is your height — you can change it and if you are going to make that your crutch you have chosen the wrong sport to play. 
A: The coach doesn’t need to know you, what does that have to do with anything? Another weak-minded excuse.
You are making excuses for failing before you even try. You are causing your own failure!
No one can help you until you start helping yourself. And even then no one owes you help. Nobody is gonna be holding your hand on that court during tryouts. Time to start depending on yourself.
My Mental/Motivation playlist (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL68BEC9E591383835) has over 100 vids you can look through and find what you need.
No video will make you fearless when you’ve already decide to be afraid. And there is no “right” mindset — we are all different. You must find what works for you. And it is your job to know or find what that is.
Stop being a bitch.
Good luck