Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson (@RussellBrunson) [Book Reviews]

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I first encountered Russell Brunson while listening to Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast four years ago and Russell quickly and simply explained my biggest problem. 

I had a lot of products to sell, and while I had customers, I was missing out on opportunities to sell them more stuff that they actually wanted — my systems were not set up to make the process easy for them to buy. 

Shortly thereafter, I signed up for Russell’s ClickFunnels software, and I’m still immersing myself in learning more about how to maximize the value I’ve created. 

Russell specializes in showing people the best ways to get their value into the hands of the people who need it, all while creating an exchange; ie making money from your value and not just blindly giving it all away — or even worse, having no one know about it at all. 

Expert Secrets is a Russell’s follow-up to his Dotcom Secrets book. Russell explains how anyone can build a following, position themselves as the leader of that following, and make money doing it while giving immense value to your audience. 

What more could you ask for? 

You Should Read Expert Secrets IF: Anything I said in that last paragraph describes your business aims in any way. Also, you can start a free ClickFunnels trial here