When Faced With a Setback: Commas, Not Periods

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When Faced With a Setback: Commas, Not Periods dre baldwin dreallday.comThe bigger your goals, the more of everything it will take to get there. And not only more of the stuff you expect like time and energy and money, the more setbacks you’ll endure on the way.

A key to staying on track mentally is use commas after your setbacks.

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A comma works the same way it does in a sentence: there’s more to come. Conversely, a period says it’s all over. Nothing more to say until the next thought.

Yes, I know you can still talk after a period. A period ends a thought, and a comma extends the thought. Stick with the metaphor and work with me here.

Every setback on your way to your ultimate goal is not definitive and not the end of your statement. You have more to say.

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