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I get asked lots of questions. I’ve answered most of them multiple times. On this page, you can access those answers. As I notice questions that keep coming up, I will add them to this page. If you just want to pick my brain, see this page.



When Did You Start…

Playing Basketball – 1996-ish (age 14)
Believing In My Playing Ability – 1997-98 (age 15-16)
Dunking A Basketball – 1998 (age 16)
Blogging – May 2005
Pro Basketball – September 2005 (age 23)
DreAllDay.com – July 2007

Where Are You From?

Philadelphia, PA. Mt. Airy, to be exact.

Why Did You Move To Miami?

The weather.

How Old Are You?

DOB: February 3, 1982.

Do You Have Siblings? 

One sister; she’s a year older than me.

Do You Have Kids? 

Not yet.

Are You Single?


Where Did You Go To School?

AB Day Elementary School. Masterman Middle School. George Washington Carver High School of Engineering & Science. Morehouse College Penn State Abington. Penn State Altoona. My degree is in Business, with a focus in Management & Marketing.

How Tall Are You & Your Parents?

I am 6’4″. My father is 5’9″ and my mother 5’7″.

Did You Have Other Jobs Before Basketball and Becoming An Entrepreneur?

Did I… Pizza Hut. Friendly’s. McDonald’s. Hat World. CVS. General Cinemas. United Artists Theatres. PSU Altoona Community Arts Center. LA Fitness. Bally Total Fitness. Philadelphia Sports Clubs. Telemarketing. CutCo Knives (yeah, me too).

Who’s Your Favorite Rapper?

50 Cent.

Favorite Basketball Player / Athlete in General?

Micheal Jordan / Deion Sanders.

Do You Drink or Smoke? 


Favorite Food?


You’re Vegan, right? Why?

I am vegetarian (Google if you don’t know the difference). I have a Playlist on YouTube sharing my reasoning.

Favorite Movie?

Ocean’s 11.

Favorite/Recommended Books?

The entire list is here. Books I have authored are here.

Favorite Author?

Books: Robert Greene Online: Bill Simmons.

I May Be Traveling To Miami Soon. Can We Meet or Work Out Together? 

Unfortunately, my time is prioritized for my business – clients and engagements – and loved ones. Though I appreciate all of my fans, I do not grant meeting requests.

I Asked You A Question, But I Don’t Think Your Answer Helped Me. Why? 

Your question was either a) already answered somewhere, to which I referred you b) not well thought-out c) too vague d) a question to which you will get the answer once you take appropriate action.



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Basketball (Questions about Dre and his career)

Did You Play Other Sports Before Basketball or Other Than Basketball? 

Yes – street football and kickball. Then tackle football for about a month (family couldn’t afford the equipment). Then baseball for 5 years. My mom sent me to tennis camp one summer; I treated the tennis ball like a baseball. I went to track practice one day in middle school and quickly realized I wasn’t actually fast.

Where Did You Play Overseas? 

I write about that on this page.

How Much Did You Get Paid Overseas? What’s The Pay Scale? How Did You Start Your Career? How Can I Get Started? What Is The Playing Style Like?

I cover all of that and more on the Help Page.

Have You Played With or Against Any NBA Players?

Yes. Antione Walker. Chris Bosh. James Harden. Serge Ibaka. Kyrie Irving. Anthony Parker. Cuttino Mobley. Tim Hardaway (Junior and Senior). Jason Williams (the “White Chocolate” one). Jarret Jack. Jannero Pargo. Jeremy Pargo. Stevie Graham. Andray Blatche. Juwan Howard. Joey Dorsey. Alvin Williams. Morris Peterson. Yakuba Diawara. Solomon Jones. Jamal Mashburn. Carlos Arroyo. Some others whose faces escape me.

Have You Ever Measured Your Vertical?

Only once – at an exposure camp in 2012 – and measured at 39″ then. The actual number doesn’t matter; what matters is how you can move on the floor when there are 9 other players out there.

How Much Time Did You Spend Practicing? How Long Were Your Workouts? How Many Shots Did You Make Per Day? 

I practiced for as long as it took for me to improve my game in whatever aspect I happened to be working on at the time. And anything you ever saw me doing on the court, had been practiced. I didn’t time my workouts. The amount of time you spend on the court does not, necessarily, directly relate to your abilities. Meaning that an hour of intense, focused work beats 3 hours of bullshitting. There was no daily routine — everything adjusted by the day based on what was being worked on.

How Tall Are You?

6’4″ (193 cm)

How Tall Were You When You First Dunked?

I don’t know; I didn’t measure. And if I estimated, I’d be lying to you. I was age 16.

What Was Your Playing Weight?

Between 175-185 pounds.

Can You Review My Workout Regimen and Offer Improvements?

I don’t do that, but I do have programs for you here.

Who Taught You How To Play?

I taught myself.

Have You Ever Tried Out For The NBA?

I’ve been to a couple NBA D-League camps. Never played in the D-League, though, or NBA Summer League

Why Did You Stop Playing Pro Basketball?

Professional basketball is more than an on-court decision. I detailed that in this video.

Can You Tell Me More About The Teams You Were On, Stats, Etc.?

Yes – when I write my book you can read about everything.

When Did You Know You Could Be A Pro Player?

Around age 16, and it was completely irrational and not based on any hard evidence.

Favorite Basketball Shoes?

The Original Nike Hyperdunk and Nike Shox BB4.

I’m Coming To Miami Soon. Where Can I Find Good Games? 

That depends, as a “good” game is relative to your basketball ability level. Google Maps will help you find a court or gym.

You Barely Played In High School, and Only D3 for College. How The Hell Did You Create a Pro Basketball Career from That?

Vision. Where you play at, where you’re from, what team you’re on… all these things can play a role in your development from HS to the pro ranks, but if these factors are not in your favor, that’s no excuse for not making it. I knew I had the skills to be where I’m at now back when I was 17; I also knew it would take time to develop what I had. Most importantly, I KNEW I would be here long before anyone else would even have said that I was a good player.



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Basketball (about YOU, the reader)

How Can I Ask You A Question About My Career Prospects?

It is likely already covered on the Help page or in my Overseas Basketball Blueprint Course.

Such-and-such team/agency is interested in me and I don’t know what to do. Can you give me some insight?

It’s great that you are making some inroads, but every situation is unique in this business. Advice on what to do with your career and why is what agents are for. And if you don’t have an agent, you have decided to make your own moves and decisions. And you must live with every single one you make.
In general, a concrete offer on the table is better than a twice-as-good possible offer you’re waiting on or hoping for. Especially if you do not have a resume or well-known name. 

Dre, I read all your posts and watched the videos. Can you tell me anything else that is not in those to help me?

If you are interested in personal coaching you can go here. Otherwise, see my book The Overseas Basketball Blueprint here, and my Overseas Basketball Program here.

I have read your website and our stories are similar. I came from a small school/being cut/not respected/not playing high school or college and want to make it happen for myself. Can you help me out by linking me to some resources/helping me get my name out there/telling me what to do?

See my Help page here.

Could you link me with some agents or scouts?

No, but I do cover that here.

Do You Think I Can Make It Playing (College, Overseas)?

If YOU think you can make it, I do too. If you are asking me this question, then you need to re-assess your mentality, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, what level you play at, where you live, or anything else. If you don’t buy into yourself, nobody else will.

I’m ____ (age). Is It Too Late For Me?

I addressed that in this video.

I’m thinking about attending ___________ (insert name) camp. Can you tell me if it is worth it? 

I cover camps here.

I’m trying to get my schedule in order with basketball. What was your schedule like when playing – practice time, games, pickup etc?

In-season, schedule is determined by the team and coach as far as practice a games etc. In offseasons, I didn’t count hours so I cannot tell you a number. And either way, your situation is not mine. You don’t need to match what anyone else is doing; you need to do what makes most sense for you and your needs.

I work very hard and I read all your stuff, I just need that one chance to make it in pro basketball! I would really appreciate your help in getting me there.

This is the best help anyone will ever give you, because it will serve you for the rest of your life, long after you’ve forgotten our conversation or your reading of this page: Help yourself. If you’re not prepared to help yourself, you are not an adult, and therefore not ready to be a professional.

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Training & Fitness

How Can I Jump Higher? What About My Knees Bothering Me?

We have a program here. If knee pains are your challenge, get this one.

Should I Lift Weights? And If So, How?

It depends on what your goals are. Once you have figured that out, see these programs.

Are You A Personal Trainer?

By practice, yes – I have trained hundreds of players and non-athletes. By PT certification, no.

I Am Looking For A Trainer. Are You Available? 

I am not taking on any training clients at this time.

I read/heard that ___________ somewhere online. Is it true? 

I will happily answer this for anything I’ve said (if I did in fact, say it). For anything someone else says, ask the person who said or wrote it.

Have You Ever Done Yoga or Pilates? Are They Good For Basketball Players?

  1. Yes, still do. 2. Nothing applies to all players, and “good” is a relative term that means different things to different people; essentially it means nothing in this case. You have to see what works for you.

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How Did You Start On YouTube?

I started publishing for safekeeping of footage from a Professional Basketball Exposure Camp I’d played really well at. The game footage was on a VHS tape (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is). I got that transferred to a CD, then uploaded the video from CD to a new video site called YouTube in April 2006. People somehow found the video and started asking questions – where do you play, can you do this and that – and the rest is history still being written.

Why Do You Publish So Many Videos? 

My intention is always to provide value to my audience, in abundance – and every video does exactly that.

Where Do You Get All Your Video Ideas From?

Creativity, activity, combining ideas. I have a podcast episode on creating ideas that you can find here.

How Can I Make Sense Of How To Train When You Have So Much Content?

We have programs for you here.

Do You Have Videos About…

You can search my entire video library here.

Have You ever Done A Collaboration With…

You can see my entire collab playlist here.

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Professional (Non-Basketball)

Why Did You Become A Professional Speaker? 

Because I knew I had a powerful and valuable message to share. Speaking gives me an even bigger audience to reach.

How Exactly Do You Make Money?

By providing a message of the highest value, to the most people, the most frequently and consistently of any human alive.

Who Designed Your Website?  


Did You Always Know You Would Become An Entrepreneur? 

Aside from playing basketball, yes. I talk about that in some of these videos.

How Can I Become An Entrepreneur Myself? 

  1. Identify a problem people have 2. Create or find a solution to said problem. 3. Publicize your solution. Here’s a handout that can get you started.

Where Can I View Your TEDxTalks? 

They are on this page.

How Can I Do TEDxTalks Like You’ve Done? 

You can search Talks in your area (Google), and see what the process is for each event.

Have You Ever Done Any Volunteer Work?

Yes. I’ve been President of Toastmasters in Miami Beach, and worked with the Men2Boys organization in South Florida.

I Heard You Talk About ______ (topic) On Snapchat/Periscope. Can You Remind Me What You Said?

Probably not. Be ready to take notes next time!

Are You Hiring Right Now? 

We are not currently hiring.

I’m Looking For Someone to Mentor Me. Are You Available?

Check the Want My Help? Page.

Can I Come To Hear You Speak? 

Sure. See my upcoming event schedule here.

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  1. Dre if I have one year of exprience do I have a chance in nba d league

  2. hi im 13 years old from worcester england and although it sounds ambitious i would like to be in the nba by going to univerity in the usa, because basketball really isnt that big in the uk i cant go to my local court and play a 5v5 pick up game so do you have any tips or drills on improving my in game play

  3. Hey Dre, I’m from Israel, and i’m 16 years old, I started to work hard since age 14 and basketball since 8,
    But the only problem I’ve got that i’m very good player and if some one do with me 1on1 or 3on3 i can beat the people against me quickly and i have the most handles and dribble in my city, But if i play on a offical league i kind of not taking any shots and im afraid that the coach will sit me down cause its already happen alot of times, Do you have any drills or something that i can improve that i be not afraid to shoot or to dribble,and make alot of turnovers, You have any idea how to improve that on my self?

    BTW i’m a great fan of you, and you helped me alot with dribbles and siganture moves,
    and keep going to make videos cause a lot of people enjoyed it and want more 🙂
    Well so sorry for the bad grammer/English,
    And thanks for the help 🙂

    • Or,

      You need to play in more of the games styles in which you are having trouble. Drills won’t fix that — you must place yourself in the position that has given you trouble and face it over and over again.

      Thanks and Good luck!

  4. Hey dre I am a upcoming soft more in high school I’m 6ft3 wat position should I play if I have no handles and play varsity and jv?

    • Doesn’t matter -- get your game up and you won’t need to worry about a position. If I were the coach and you lacked skills you wouldn’t play at all. Your position would be “bench”.

  5. Hey Dre, I’m 5’10 and I’m 15 and I was wondering what position you think I should play. I got good dribbling moves, but don’t always use them because I feel like it will get stolen (not sure if it will or not). Also I pass it a lot because I can shoot but always feel like ima miss or my feet are not in the right position to hit a pull up three. But I can shoot and pass really well and can get in and grab some boards. Also, I got good defense, I just need to improve that speed some. What position do u think I should plAy. I am kind of skinny too.

    • Your position doesn’t matter. If you’re in the court you can show your skills, no one will care what position you’re playing.

  6. What’s up dre. High school season just ended and I need to get stronger and put on some muscle mass. I started lifting with some 2 buff dudes thinking if I get like them, ill be ready. But I realized that they’re body builders and I’m a basketball player, and I started to feel stiffer and not as elusive with my movements, so I stopped lifting with them. What strengthening workout schedule should I do? I’m a point guard.

  7. Dre u know i wanna thank u for helping me overcome my confidence u know i thought of not going to my spring league camp there were 2 tyouts i came to the first tryout and i messed up on one part of it where i passed when i wasnt supposed to and i said to myself u know what im not going to make it i gave up……so second tryouts came i didnt go my coach came to talk to me afterwards telling me he was sad that i didnt come cause i was going to make the team he said i had potential in the future, so that motivated it me now when im on the court my mindset is going to be like nobody can mess with me so im tough and attack the basket and sometimes when i get the ball I sometimes have to be an ballhog on the court and score alot anyway thanks alot

  8. Hey dre whatsup im a 13 year old african american boy thats 5 ft 7 will I grow any taller when im older and is there any excercises to help my verticle thanks man

      • alright but how tall were u when u were 13 also is 5 ft 7 tall for an 13 yr old boy and in basketball im pretty skinny my game im tall i played in my grade 8 team i played as an wing or post im good rebounder,athletic jumper and i have good excellent mid range game thats why by grade 10 or 9 i want to be able to atleast touch the rim and learn how to grip and palm the ball thanks again

      • so I was wondering what nba player should i study the most since im a good rebounder i can make good shots and have good speed

  9. Do you have any videos/tips on finishing at rim with contact?

  10. How can I get into the mindset to completely dominate a game if I have the skills necessary?

  11. Hello Dre!!! My problem is that my TIBIALIS ANTERIOR muscles hurt when I play basketball, recently… It will be gone after 2 quarters anyway I can’t reach when the pain come so my game is ruined anyhow. Please help me??? I think it’s about stretching before the game cus I don’t do it

  12. Yo Dre, I really want to get better and work on my basketball skills but im only 12 and I cant get down to the basketball court as much as id like to because my parents cant drive me all the time. What can I do to work on my basketball skills without going to the court?

  13. im a freshman in high school and recently fractured my kneecap and was wondering if you’ve ever been injured before?

  14. Hey man… I watch your videos all the time, and if you should check out the stories about Brian Scalabrine playing one on one against the best ballers from Boston. Could you beat him?

  15. hi dre,i am 18 years old asian boy. did i can still become more tall? my height is 172cm~i hope i can grow up until 180cm. What i need to do become more taller? sorry because my english standard no good~Hope you will understand what i mean.

  16. I am a 16 Asian and just started to play ball. Is there anyway to improve athleticism and quickness, and if so do you know of any Asian ballers who improved like so?

    • Sure there is: Training. Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin train, any all the players in pro leagues around the world that are Asian train also; it’s part of the job. Even if they didn’t, you could be the first. All you need can be found at HoopHandbook.

  17. im 13years old ny im 150 pounds and really slow my coach doent give no run practice like almost until my hands start to sore no impovement what should i do i wanna be nba star. but icant plz help and give advise tips video im willing follow instruction

  18. How old are you? What are some of your top basketball shoes? Where can I get a knee brace like yours?

  19. Hey, Dre i have the fundamentals down i got decent handles for a big man and i nice mid range jumper im good inside just a little slow was wondering if you had tips on how to speed up the moves i use to get to the basket?

    • By the way im going into sophmore yeari played freshman averaged like 2 points and like 4 minutes a game but played in a rec league later on this year and am currently averaging 22 points a game

  20. Hey man, you being from Pennsylvania, do you know of any basketball trainers in Western PA area?

  21. yo im ty morholt from nwr7 in winsted ct and im a playaaaa yoo. hmu with some sick moves so i can dunk. i start jv and play like 1-2 mins for varsity each game and am a junior. I wanna start at duke university in 2 years because i think i’d be a good fit for kyle singler when he leaves. help plzz? im real dope at ball

  22. Is it true that masturbating before a game, albeit loosely, affects a player’s performance?
    I heard you just have to wait 45 minutes and does not affect

  23. Hi Dre, my name’s israel, I’m from Mexico, I have 14 years, I really don’t speak English, I use google translator but I use the movements of your videos, and I like, but wanted to know how you feel ALWAYS that great confidence to go out to the basketball court and have this thirst for scoring and scoring and scoring without mercy, because I get up with that desire only after not having gone 1 or 2 days at the playground cause it’s really far away of my house. But I really love basketball and I’m very good at it, but the psychological technique fails me. please help me

  24. Hey Dre!
    I wanna ask you how can I be more confident? Im always so worried before the game, cuz I think I will suck that bad that I will screw up the whole team and so..

    (sry for my bad english im from Slovenia :P)

    And.. keep up the good work ! =)

  25. can you give me some exercise or drills for home .
    because outside now is cold and is raining .

  26. Hey Dre really appreciate what your doin i have a personal trainer that played for the texas longhorns and we practice twice a week for 2 hours and i work on dribbling a ton but dont seem to be get better i try EVERYTHING but it just doesnt work what drills do you think i could do to improve my handles?

  27. Hi Dre. I really appreciate that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help others get better. Respect. When I shoot the ball it I often miss to the left or right. Is there any particular learning technique you think is valuable for shooting the basketball straight? What are the most important things for you form wise?

  28. how old were you when you graduated from college and decided to play basketball?

  29. can you give me some videos or exercises how to incrase my vertical jump .

  30. do you recommend any plyrometric or any quickness drills to get quicker and for agility

  31. yo dre i play mainly streetball but im worried that when i play for my team fullcourt im going 2 flop and miss layups and shots. how can get rid of this worry and improve my confidence. also im 5’8 an extremly quick player and can dunk. If i demonstrate dis quickness and hops in games will defenders be scared 2 guard me.

  32. Hey man im 13 years old and id watched ur vid and it help me become a good player and ur just like my DAD theres 1 u and u cant be nobody else.

  33. hi mr. dre
    i am very happy to know you .
    i want to be a friend to you .
    i am a plyer basketball in palestine and i want from you to answer me about some questione if yo want .
    thank you and nice to meet you .

  34. hey dre sup men?? listen i need a link about hw to increase my vertical and how to lose weight i will be happy if u help me


  35. How much money do american players make in germany per month? do they pay all your expenses? thanks

  36. dre can u give me a link about hw to penetrate good into the basket ?

  37. 1.What is playing overseas?
    2. do you recomend air alert or any other programs?
    3. How old where you first time you dunked?
    4. who is your fav. player/nbateam/rapper?
    5. i am going to a Harlem Globetrotters game on monday, what do you think about them?
    6. should i do jump training 2 or 3 times a week?
    7. where do you get money from, do you work/playing for a team?


  38. Whart up Dre………My name is Kourtney Lafayette………..i’m a junior in High School………….. the drills that you do in your video really help my bball game a lot……… Thanks….

  39. 2 questions.

    1)If you have or had ambitions of being a writer, what would you like to write about?

    2) What are your favorite basketball books or books in general?

  40. i got two dre..
    hardest aspect of your game to come by and what percent of your game is talent vs. hard work?

  41. Thanks for the tip. The only problem with resting is it causes you to lose game. Good looking on the 100 x dribble video.

  42. Do you have any tips to overcome patella tendonitis? I have had it for the last four years and it is very aggravating. Peace

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