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professioanl/basketball faq dre baldwin dreallday.comWhen did you start playing basketball?

Age 14 — covered in my free book “Buy A Game”


What are you measurables?

I’m 6’4″ (193.04 centimeters), and anywhere between 175-190 pounds (79.4 – 86.2 Kilos). My wingspan is 80 inches. Vertical: 39″ (measured in July 2011) Body fat: 4.4% (All officially verified). “Long and athletic.”

Where do you/have you play(ed)?

I play professional basketball both internationally and domestically. Otherwise I’m in a gym practicing, often solo. I occasionally  participate in local rec leagues, pickup games and such, or one-on-one games with random (or planned) opponents.

What’s it like to play overseas?

It’s fantastic to be able to do what you love for a living — what better way to live life? Basketball is fun to me, I love the competitive aspect of it, and I love the attention and responsibility that comes with being a paid pro player. There’s a lot of other shit that goes on, too, which I cover in detail here.

How can I send you a question about basketball?

Contact me via that blue button on the side of the screen, or click here.

Who are your favorite players?

Myself and Michael Jordan is the short list. Aside form that, I enjoy watching any good basketball player, which would include any NBA All-Star you can name, and several others. My favorite non-bball athlete? Deion Sanders.

How did you develop into the player you are today?

Through a lot of practicing, sweating, and hard work. I have, and still do, spent hours on the court, in addition to the weight room and field/ treadmills/exercise bikes to develop into what is still an unfinished product (and will be until I decide to walk away from the game). Every on-court experience I’ve ever had has played a part in making me into me. The things I give the most credit to for making Dre Baldwin the player I am are: 1) My ambition- I have always set lofty goals for myself, and usually find that my peers don’t aspire to go even halfway as high as I expect of myself. 2) Competitive instincts- I have both long- term and short- term competitive natures- meaning that I love the challenge of a trash- talking player in a pickup game, and I also always have in mind that guy I know from 10 years ago whom I must go farther than in basketball just to prove a point. 3) Persistence. I could name at least 10 different times over the past 12 years that I could have easily looked at the reality of my basketball situation and said, “Fuck it. Time to do something else.” Or, as many ex-players like to say, “I gotta be realistic.” Well, realistic to me is that that personal trait that I mentioned in #2 above won’t let me stop when there are others I know that I still have to beat. It would be literally impossible for me to stop what I’m doing now- mentally, physically, and emotionally, I’m in too deep. Energy and persistence conquers all, and I have no shortage of either.

How old were you when you first dunked?

I was 16. Don’t know how tall I was. This has no bearing on when you “should start” dunking, or how tall you need to be to dunk. My experience is mine; yours is yours. I do have some help for your vertical though — right here.

Do you think I can make it (overseas, to the NBA, to play in college, to be a respectable player, etc.)?

If YOU think you can make it, I do too. If you are asking me, then you need to re-assess your mentality, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, what level you play at, where you live, or anything else. If you don’t buy into yourself, nobody else will.

The Overseas Basketball Blueprint Dre Baldwin

Can you tell me what I need to do to become better?

This answer, of course, is relative — each player has their own areas that need improvement. But as a general response, the most important thing you need to do, is GET UP AND GO WORK ON YOUR (FUCKIN’) GAME. Any player who is weak any any particular area, is weak at it because they haven’t put in the work to be good at it. Simple and plain.

Can you write a workout program for me to follow?

Sure — I have write almost 100 of them, and they’re all here. . Some extended — year-long — programs are here. 

Are you going to try out for the NBA? 

Check this out.

Who taught you how to play?

I taught myself how to play. Really. By age 18 I had been cut from 3X more teams than I had actually made; never payed a game of AAU basketball, never had any type of basketball mentor; don’t have any older brothers or cousins who play bball; No older guy from the neighborhood who took me under his wing because he saw potential in me, none of that. I saw that I could be good at ball if I kept at it, and I have. The rest, as they say, is history.

Where did you go to school?

JR Masterman middle school; GW Carver High School Of Engineering and SciencePenn State AbingtonPenn State Altoona.

Can you help me get (overseas, into a college to play, on an AAU team, etc.)?

No, but I can show you how to help yourself. Interested in that? Check this page out.

Who are the best players you’ve played with/ against?

I’ll just ame all the NBA guys I’ve played with/ against, in no particular order: Alvin Williams, Anthony Parker, Cuttino Mobley, Stevie Graham, Eddie Griffin, Jason (White Chocolate) Williams, Tim Hardaway (Jr. & Sr.), Carlos Arroyo, Yakuba Diwara, Jarret Jack, Joe Johnson, Antione Walker, Chris Bosh, Jannero Pargo, Morris Peterson, James Posey, Nazr Mohammed, Joey Dorsey, James Harden, Eric Maynor, Daequon Cook, Jeremy Pargo, Mario Chalmers, Andray Blatche, Juwan Howard, Brandon Rush, Serge Ibaka, Kyrie Irving, hundreds of overseas non-NBA guys you probably haven’t heard of, and a few other NBA people whom I can’t recall at the moment.

How did you start your career?

First, I made a decision that it was GOING to happen. From there — Going to a pro camp; using that video to get with an agency; the agency getting me a deal; networking with other professional players; lots of long mornings, afternoons and nights in the gym alone. Also, read this post.

How did you make it to being a professional player while barely playing in high school?

Vision. Where you play at, where you’re from, what team you’re on… all these things can play a role in your development from HS to the pro ranks, but if these factors are not in your favor, that’s no excuse for not making it. I knew I had the skills to be where I’m at now back when I was 17; I also knew it would take time to develop what I had. Most importantly, I KNEW I would be here long before anyone else would even have said that I was a good player.

Someone told me (some training technique or program) (works, doesn’t work, will injure me, etc.)… what should I do?

You should do it yourself and form your own opinion.

Do you lift weights? What do you do, how much weight? How many (name of random exercise) can/do you do?

Yes, of course I lift weights. If you are going to be a pro in basketball, you will need the strength that comes from lifting. I have you covered with the programs in this package.

Can you train me?

Check this out.

Why do I always seem to not be good enough when I play against other/ better/ more experienced players?

The answer is right in front of you: Because, instead of practicing (or lifting weights, or doing cardio…), you’re on the computer while the players that consistently hand you your ass are working on their game. You’re garbage because you have not put in the work. I’m glad you are visiting my site — now get off the internet and make something happen.

How much money do you make playing overseas?

Probably the most oft-asked question from adults when they learn that I play pro ball. The answer, naturally, is “none of your damned business.” But, if your daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies, I’ll support it and purchase 2 boxes of Do-Si-Dos. My sister was a Girl Scout and I love those cookies.

How much time do you spend practicing? What do you practice? What’s your daily routine?

I practice for as long as it takes for me to improve my game in whatever aspect I happen to be working on at the time. And anything you ever see me doing on the court, has been practiced. I don’t time my workouts, and the amount of time you spend on the court does not, necessarily, directly relate to your abilities. Meaning, an hour of intense, focused work beats 3 hours of bullshitting. There is no daily routine — everything adjusts by the day based on what is being worked on. I have a ton of programs for you to follow, all here.

Does/ do (such-and-such exercise program or technique, accessory, equipment, popular footwear) actually WORK?

NO. the only thing that “works,” in terms of your improvement, is YOU. No pair of shoes, accessory, or trendy workout does anything- they are inanimate objects or ideas that are impartial. Alone they do nothing. If you work, they will work. Get it?

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  1. Hey dre great work i enjoy watching your videos. I am playing basketball in India even though I am only 6 feet I play good I know I can go to national stage in India but my school team mates have started playing this year only what can i do

  2. Hey dre, how do I develop that “killer instinct” on the court

    • That’s a mental thing and we all have a unique makeup mentally. There’s no step by step guide like baking a cake that works for everyone. See my Mental Game section (under Skills) and my Books page for ‘Relentless’

  3. Thanks for making your Youtube channel. You’ve helped me in so many ways. I hope I become to be as good as you one day. I’m working everyday that I can on my game. You inspired me to work hard and achieve goals. Thank you, Dre!

  4. People say “im the best player in 9th grade”, but in game situation i get scared and forget how to play.

  5. Just seen a couple of your videos, I like how you just put it all on the table and it’s all about hard work and made it out of nothing, I appreciate your motto, thanks for the inspiration, when I make it like you did I hope we can meet and shoot around (all the way from the UK… big fan now!)

  6. Hey Dre! I just wanted to know how long it would take for me to get faster and quicker! I am thinkin g about starting to get more athletic! So please tell me the time period, If I workout an hour everday! (60 minutes of full intensity).

  7. hey dre about the jump manual
    1. I need any ‪equipment‬ to do the program
    2. im 14 years old, the program are fit to me?
    3. how do i get the program after i buy it(as ebook, as a book, as a website)

  8. I know I ain’t the best…but I bust my butt and out work greater players…never played basketball on any team and I’m a sophomore in game improving daily and I ain’t stopping until I’m the greatest!!

  9. hey dre,
    can you give me a video that show how to streach befor and after a workout

  10. Dre, what do you consider intense workouts and what do you consider bullshit workouts?

  11. hey dre, when im shoot i notice that I don’t have backspin,how can I work on that?

  12. Hey Dre,
    I’m a good shooter as it is but I can always get better. How many shots do you recommend to put up a day?

  13. Hey dre, i love your videos they help me alot but i have a question. It is hard for me to shoot 3 pointers but when i shoot regular mid range its easy. I struggle to put the shot up, do i need to have a stronger arm or is it the speed of my release? thanks alot

  14. Hey Dre I have a question
    how can i get into college outside the United States and my coach cant contect to scout and we dont have basketball team?

  15. Hey dre, I work a lot on my handles and shooting the ball but I can’t attack the basket very well. How can i work on getting in the paint and finishing?

  16. Hey Dre, yesterday I watched the video of you saying of how you got there, talking about that girl that talked to you, and today while I was practicing a guy walked up to on the court just to say that he watches me play everyday, said that I was a good player, told me to keep it up, and left lol, I had never seen him in my life, anyway I thought it was kinda similar to your story. I love your videos. Keep it up. (Btw, you’re gonna see me in the WNBA in a few years)

  17. Yo Dre, I can truly say that your an inspiration. You motivate me and inspire me to Work on my game. Everytime im tired as fuck, ready to give up, I remember that Dre is working 10x harder than me and i have to get better and it keeps me going, Thanks man. DRE ALL DAY

  18. ey Dre i heard you played against Joe Johnson, hes my fav nba player.

    so how was the experience.

    cuz man thats pretty cool!

    -Marcus age:17

  19. Wassup Dre,

    How tall were you when you were 13 years and how was your game

  20. Thx im going to buy the program but one more question Why arn’t you in the nba and what is the difference between the nba and what you do please answer both

  21. hey Im 14 and started playing basketball in 6th grade now im in 8th can you tell what are good drills no perfect form

  22. Hey Dre, I’m a professional athlete and play in Italy. I’ve seen your stuff online when I need an idea for a drill, conditioning workout, or whatever I feel I’m lacking. You’re great! I’m young and my time off between practices, workouts, games, church, and nurturing my marriage is searching drills, workouts, things to get better, and you do a GREAT job. Thanks again. God bless.

  23. Hey Dre Baldwin. Thanks for all the stuff that you posted up. The videos that helped me out the most are the Motivational ones. I found out that the videos you post up that are like a minute long are much more helpful than those 2 hour long Better Basketball Videos(DON’T WATCH THEM YOU’RE BETTER OFF LEARNING YOUR UNIQUE FORM IN A 5 MINUTE VIDEO OR SO). It’s all about keeping the game simple, and that’s exactly what you’re doing Dre. Thanks a lot. You’ll see me on the UCLA Bruins in 4 years!

  24. Hey Dre. I’ve been looking around on youtube and your site and you’re doing real well for yourself. anyway, lemme get to the picture. I’m 6 foot and I’ve been doing toe raises for about a good month everyday. I probably do 50-74 a day. Before then I could only touch right below the rim and now I can get the tips of my fingers to rap around the rim. how long should I keep on doing these? By the way I’m 17 and I started playing in kindergarden and now I got to the local gym 3-4 times a week.

  25. Hey Dre ,

    Ive been watching your vids , and been learning and been working hard, extremely Hard. I’ve tried out for some Representative clubs made it once to d-league other time been let down , which made me learn from my mistakes and get stronger and better a basketball , over the summer and winter here in Australia ive been working from drills and exercises and i have to thank you heaps for this , because i thought i was at my peak , but your drills kept me moving up.

    Thank you for making your videos , once you make it to the NBA I’m buying your jersey.

    Next year im going down to the US do you mind if i Vs you One on One? im not trying to be cocky , my goal right now is to verse you , and i don’t care if i lose , i’ll learn from my mistakes

    Cya Dre 🙂

  26. Hi Dre,

    First,congratulation, youre a great player. If you are looking for a prestigious club, I advise you to go to csp Limoges France. Great basketball place!

    You seem to have the same shot as D Wade, same size as well.

    Just one advise: please stop to touch your shoes each time you have the ball: first because it is annoying, second, because, one of these days, you will be bitten just because of that..:)

  27. Hey dre i live in miami and was wondering if I could train with you

  28. Hey dre whats good?

    Im an all around player but not that fast, i just need a tip to guard players who are quicker than me, and they have fast ball handling…

  29. omg, uhh… sorry if i offended you if did… i dont want to be on bad terms.

    PS: dont put this on the site lol i jus wanted you to know that i respect you and sorry if i did anything. i still think you’re great!

  30. Dre I just watched this video and I’m already your fan 😀 you talk like my twin brother man,,, we are from Brazil and he plays Varsity basketball for his high school in Washington and everytime I talk to him he says “get off the phone and go work on your game if you wanna be like me” hahahha thanks man

  31. hey dre im lovin your site and your vids. everythin is helpfull and they all answer my questions except one though. should i weight lift and do bball practicing the same day or should i do them seperate days? which one do YOU think is more convenient? i hope i dont get that “whatever is comfortable with you” response lol.

  32. here you go you mentioned it on this page starting next summer (2010), I think I will get into basketball training with players in my area (Miami). You know how to reach me. Regular fitness training will also be available.

  33. Hey Dre you mentioned a summer workout that you are holding in Miami this summer is there anyway I can get into your summer workout.

  34. Yo dre, i live in canada and my family is pretty tight on cash. Im a Point guard and i practice about 3 hours a day. but there’s this league 4 youth (im 13) thats pretty expensive (430$ for everything included) im wondering if i should subsitute practice for work and go pay myself in or just not join (my parents said they wont pay). luv yur site and the way you answer your questions
    thx bye

    • thank you. that is a decision about your life; you need to make it for yourself. and stick with the decision you make!

  35. How important do you honestly think 3 point shooting is?

    I”m a reallly good mid-range shooter, but when other teams play zone and I have to shoot a 3, I’m no good.

    Would you say having range/good 3 pointer should be an asset for every guard (shooting or point)? Thanks

  36. ok, thanks mah man! when you were a kid, what are the problems that you encountered that almost made you quit playing basketball? i hope you did understand..

  37. hey dre, my trainer said that weight lifting affects a person’s shooting. So when did you start to lift weights?
    What do you think is the most effective way of drawing fouls when you’re in league games and you are using most? shot fake, going in the air head-2-head, or just faking them that you’re trying to avoid the contact like stepping back, and side step, but you really want him to foul you? i hope you got it..
    my vertical leap is now improving yo.. i may try to do the pullups you want.. i love the kobe move.. it doesn’t need those flashy ball handling moves..
    anyway, thanks..

    • hey thanks for the comment.
      i started lifting when i was in college. every player in the NBA lifts weights, so take that for what it’s worth.
      all of those things draw fouls, so have all of em in your repertoire.

  38. Dre, u are really inspiring. i watched a vid of you to work on my handle and its turned out great. I saw some other ones and they been just wat i needed to hear. Its snowin in illinois but in the summer im goin to work untill i puke so i can make jv or varisty as a freshmen. Ur proof of hard work about to pay off. When ur in the nba im buying your jersey.

  39. hey im 16 and a pretty good but kind of streaky shooter but I can never get backspin onto the ball. I make sure to use fingers, not palm and to use my wrist but any tips on how to get that backspin?

  40. i have to admit that im a GP lol. but if i do practice hard… i will be good. right dre?

  41. I put in the work, but my only problem is blancing workingout in the weight room and in the gym. I think it’s best to ball and then workout, but i’m not sure if that fucks with muscle memory. And I need to lift weights im a 5’7 shooting guard.

  42. any of these teams, i mean:
    PSU Abington
    PSU Altoona
    Harlem Ambassadors

  43. whats the most points you have ever dropped in college or nbdl game?

  44. Hey Dre, I live in Canada (RED DEER , ALBERTA ) and somehow I cant manage to find a camp/gym that would assist me to play in the USA someday. Do you somehow know a place where I can go?

  45. what do you think about streetball nd basketball freestyle ?? ( cause there is people who thinks dat its garbage )

  46. Hey Dre,
    I have a question…I am 15 years old and i just finished my freshmen season. My problem is that I live in a foreign country because my parents are ambassadors. How can I be noticed by NCAA scouts because i wanna play college ball in the US?

  47. hey dre. im 14 years old and have a great pure shot, good dribbling, and good passing. i have real good machanics, but in games i don’t play as well as i think i can with my skills. any advice?

  48. yo dre,
    i practice hard everyday and i got a good shot and good handles but im not that quick. it hurts my game alot. what should i do to get quicker and stuff cause i could be a completly different player if i was

  49. Yo Dre i appreciate all the hard work u put into ur game, AND your fans. its gunna pay off for u when u go to the NBA i know it. But im here to ask u a question about dunking. im 16, and im 5’9”. i can hang from the rim, and without the ball i can get my whole hand over the rim. but with the ball i get rim stuffed.. any advice?

  50. You said you’re going to NBA! That’s my boy, I respect you for that. I have same dreams (or is the nightmares?).

    See you there

  51. I really like the way you think. I’m 13 and I’m gonna be in the NBA(just so you know). Some of the thinks you say are spot on to my thought. If you really think you can make it you can. At the moment I’ve been sick for 4 days… lol…. it’s really killing me because I haven’t played any ball in 4 days now ;( Anyway good job, I know you have spent hours in the gym, in the weekends, in holidays, whatever, while everyone else have quitted or been home at the computer… that’s what seperates you and me from the pack 😉 hope I don’t talk to loudly about myself lol 😀 but I’m gonna play you in the NBA some day …

    • thanks a lot! im glad you are enjoying my site. and i feel what you’re saying exactly. keep working and keep me updated!

  52. Man dre big ups, i love how you answer the questions, your doing the right thing, alot of “ballers” fill peoples head with the wrong shit. Keep doing what your doing man, and i cant wait to play you in the NBA

  53. oh ok.
    well you must have met your gf over there.
    but i would never try to jepordize him being happy so i guess ill just stay here and visit.but thanks so much for the advise..maybe you will play my bf one day lol =]

  54. hey dre..
    if this is you lol which i think it is..

    i have a question that no one seems to have an answer to and i figured you might seems how yu have a great gf which ive seeen on yur myspace ..anyway my bf plays in the ibl..and its very possible that he is going to get signed overseas because he is really good. i have been with him for a year and some monthes and im wondering when and if he makes it…will i be able to go with him?…or am i stuck in the states missing my bf and limited to email???

    • well it depends on the team he’s with; every situation is different. if he makes it clear tha he wants you with him then that may affect his signing with certain teams who may not be able to provide such accommodations.

  55. hey dre wassup I’m a up and coming basketball player and everything u wrote on ur website was true cuz I’m going through a lot trying to make it pro but its not stopping me I’m trying to do everything I can to get my name out there, that’s y I have this on question how did u make ur website what was the process u had to do to get ur own website, so if u can get at me with the answer I would appreciate it.

  56. I didnt say i think ill be able to dunk, haha. I guess my question is: Do you think i’m above average or averagee for a basketball player my height and age???? and another question. How old were and tall when u 1st got rim?

    • i have no idea what “average” would be for height/ jumping ability; if you look around you may find that information. What I do know is I was 16 when I first dunked a ball.

  57. i never said i think id be able to dunk, haha. But is my vertical good or above average for my age or do i need to work on it more? thats what i meant i guess.

    • my point being, it doesn’t matter my opinion if you will or won’t be able to dunk in some years with practice. If YOU believe your practice will lead to the ability to dunk, it will.

  58. hey dre, i got a Q. Im 13 years old, 5’5 , maybe 5’6, not so tall. I have a 22-24 inch running vertica;. and can touch a 9’2 rim. (im supposed to b 6 feet tall) U think i will be able to dunk when im a little older. (with some hard work put into it)?

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