Fault Losing: No Need To Pass Out Fault. Just Get To Work On It

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Fault Losing - Dre BaldwinEveryone has faults. If I asked you to point out five faults in the person you spend the most time with, it would be quite easy for you.

But pointing out faults and imperfections in other people will leave you friendless and alone.

A “friend” is a person who knows what your faults are, has seen them up close, yet stills loves and accepts you. Many of us know what some of our own faults are and don’t need many reminders of them (except when we ask for ’em).

I think we all love the people who point out and encourage out strong points. Those of you who have this skill in abundance probably have a lot of “best friends.” Get good at reminding people of those positive qualities and experience the magnetic power of attracting more friends who want to hang with you.