Feel The Breeze, Pt. 3: The Streets Speak

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mark anthony librizzi dreallday.comFrom Sophie Lily Weinstein (of Pt. 2 fame):

I am so sorry I feel off the face of the Earth. My fam went through a mini crisis, and with work, I was in my own little world. I wanted to apologize. It was very rude of me. AND I”M SORRY THIS MESSAGE IS SO LONG!

I know this is random, but I am in desperate need of advice, and I thought you would be the right person to ask. It has to do with your good friend Breeze.

On his LinkedIn profile he has that he provided services for Synergy that he never provided and did PR for one of my clients that he never did. He’s never met them, spoken to them or communicated to them in anyway. To make matter worse he wrote an article on his blog and made up a quote that I never said, and it got picked up by a few online marking based sites. It makes me sound like the biggest asshole.

When I asked him to remove the statements from the internet he told me I was a pig in shit, and the world would be better off if I were dead.

What was Breeze like when you played B-Ball together? Was he always full of shit? When I have spoken to him, he’s always telling me how fucking amazing he is. That he helped produce Stevie Wonder’s X-mas Special, and Clint Eastwood wants him to do all the marketing for his production company. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

************The Funny thing is, he is living in a 10×15 storage unit. One of those storage units with the metal doors where you store your crap in******************

I am really not sure what to do. What would you do? I coped and pasted the LinkedIn section below.

This is the link to the blog article:http://www.contentcurationmarketing.com/articles/6294/wanted-perfect-story-gunslinger-to-target-best-pra/

THE QUOTE IN QUESTION : “Anthony, you reel them in, and i’ll nail them to the coffin”.

I never ever said that. And how exactly do you nail someone to a coffin anyway.
Synergy Media L.L.C., S3M
Creative Marketing Advisor at Synergy Media L.L.C., S3M
Public Relations and Communications industry
2008 – January 2010 (2 years)
Managed all aspects of daily operations for a boutique start-up public relations firm, with responsibility for generating revenue, increasing brand awareness and penetrating new markets. Provided public relations for the short film “Change,” which was accepted into the Texas Film Festival.

1. We formed in 2009, and ended in 2009. I’m now a sole proprietorship
2. No revenue was ever generated
3. I’m not sure how brand awareness was increased. I started getting gigs after we parted ways
4. No new markets were penetrated. I wonder what markets he speaking of
5. He in no provided any PR services for the short film or the production company that made the film. At no time did he communicated with the director, executive producer or the crew
6. It was the Texas BLACK Film Festival, not the Texas Film Festival
7. WTF is a Creative Marketing Advisor, and what was the creative marketing scheme that he came up with.

I really have no idea what to do, or what actions I should take. Do I send a message to all his contacts? Write something up on my own blog? File a complaint with Linkin? Should I inform the director of the film I did PR for that someone is claiming that he worked for him when he didn’t?

What I would love to do, is to do some kind of sting operation. Have someone contact him and pretend to be a reporter or a CEO of some company. Have the fake person ask him really specific questions, which he wont be able to answer, and request copies of the work he never did.

*****I know this random, but you just seemed like the right person to ask. WWDD..Would Would Dre Do?*****
Thank so much!

Oh, that’s not all. Here’s an email I received from soem random dada who read Pt. 2 while she was in the process of dating Mr. Librizzi:


I just read Feel The Breeze, Part 2: Call My Lawyer!!!

umm how do I say this because I am concerned based on what you do this wont be kept private… but really I JUST met this guy and after reading these two related articles am getting the sense he is anything but what he is saying he is…

We only met last week so nothing major has transpired other than grandiose stories about all he is and has accomplished, modeling and big businesses and buying and selling of homes, running big companies and and  and what felt like a genuine possible romantic connection that I am doubting after reading this…

It sounds like nothing that comes out of this guys mouth can be trusted. You mentioned having stories that you could share that would embarrass him for life. I have to assume he still has a suspended license since all that wasnt really that long ago, so how is he even driving around?? How did he even move out here…I am starting to wonder if he is running from stuff back there…

OMG! We seemed to have so damn much in common it was insane…I am glad I read this before my romantic fantasies took me away into drama land…well call it woman’s intuition, His stories werent adding up so on a whim I googled him and man I had no idea what I was about to find! I am a genuine good woman, yes looking for love, and have ALL my shit together so have been alone for a while waiting for someone who can match me on my level…he almost had me convinced! lol.

Interested in anything you can share about this cat.

She signed the email “Anon,” obviously unaware of the fact that her full givernment name showed up with her email address. But I digress.

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