Feeling Sorry For Yourself? You Can’t Afford To

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Feeling Sorry For Yourself? You Can't Afford To - Dre BaldwinNobody feels great for 24 hours per day. The brightest, they-have-every-reason-to-be-happy person has their dark moments just like you. I have my moments of listlessness, laziness and procrastination. You do, too. Everyone does.

Everyone experiences those passing thoughts when they feel nothing is breaking their way. One thing after another just doesn’t seem to go right. You are not alone in feeling this.

What separates us is how long we allow this feeling to persist, and what we tell ourselves about it.

I don’t know if anyone has ever received any real value from feeling sorry for themselves. It’s a drain on your energy and a waste of your time. The only true benefit you’ll get from feeling sorry for yourself is the self-empowering feeling you’ll get when you realize it’s time to snap out of it.

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