Finality And Relief [Daily Game]

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s a private group that I’ve been a part of for the last few years. As of Tuesday morning, there were four of us in the group. I won’t tell you who’s in it or what the group existed for, as we all agreed to keep things confidential. We would speak to each other every week, maybe every two weeks if people got busy.

I received an email Tuesday afternoon though, from the person who’d started the group in the first place, addressed to us all. This person was removing themselves from the group they’d started, effective immediately.

This person shared some reasons, each of which were clearly directed at someone, but it didn’t say who. This founding member also made clear that they would not be communicating about their defection any further than that very email itself, preempting any replies, texts or phone calls.

It was a Dear John letter.

One member replied 20 minutes later that, while they were sad to see the founding member go, they would be ready and available for our next meeting (of now three people).

Five minutes later, the other remaining member replied to the email chain and announced that they, too were leaving the group.

This is after years of this group’s existence.

I’m the only member of the group who didn’t reply to the email chain (still haven’t, and won’t). The one member who’d assumed the group would still exist texted me about ten minutes after all the defection emails. I guess I hadn’t joined in on the fun fast enough.

“So, are you out too?”

(The group is no more.)

For Your Game

  1. The group email defections came out of nowhere, with no warning or reasons to think they were coming. I know a girl who got fired from her job in a similar fashion: arriving at work, her bosses told her that she would no longer be working there, and refused to even offer a reason. She’d been a respected, well-received worker the day before, and it was over, just like that. I’ve never had that happen to me — I’ve done it to others, actually, more than once (and not always at work) — and even though this wasn’t exactly the same situation, it gave me a feeling of freedom more than anything else. I was now released from a long-term commitment, and, as Paul Arden says (Paul was talking about being fired) in one of my favorite books, they literally let you go. More on this in a moment.


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