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You know those time when everything seems to just flow together? Even if you’re doing something you may not particularly enjoy, your energy is right. You don’t waste time.  You easily overcome mental and physical hurdles; nothing can stand in the way of your progress.

I read about this feeling somewhere, and people have tried for a long time to bottle up whatever causes it to happen so we all can hit that feeling more often, or even on-call. Alas, no one has been able to, but that doesn’t stop all of us from wanting to eventually.

The first thing that can get flow started is loosening ourselves up mentally — being open to trying new ways of getting things done, feeling more open to the things we have to deal with, even the more challenging stuff.

I’m far from an expert on flow, but I wouldn’t mind being one. Maybe my open-mindedness towards it might help. Maybe.


  1. i seen your youtube vids and you seem like an extremely confident kinda person. i would think you would be the kinda person to just be able to conjure up confidence/positivity etc in almost any given situation. and i know to become like that you have to already have overcome incredible hardship both on and off the court. what have you done/how have you managed negativity, both on the court and off it?

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