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“Our record is public record. When we win, everyone in our industry knows it. When we lose, everyone in our industry knows it. That’s accountability at the highest level.”

“Here’s why many digital marketers are selling you a bill of goods: because they know they can. They’re in it for their paycheck, not for your business. They have little motivation to ensure your success—their only goal is to fulfill the terms of their contract, and if they can do that by dazzling you with flashy creative and an advertising campaign that strokes your ego, even if it produces precisely zero leads, they will.”

I heard about Phillip Stutts via his appearance on the James Altucher Podcast. I, like you, am driven by incentives, and when Phillip made an offer at the end of that show (the offer is also in the book— read it), I took him up on it.

Intrigued both by what I heard from Phillip in his interview and what I received from that free offer, I went and purchased Fire Them Now and read the boo in three days.

Phillip comes from a background in political marketing, where, as he makes clear, you can’t hide behind a shiny exterior and fancy talk: Your track record is public record, and when your work is not producing, you’re immediately fired from a job.

This is juxtaposed with business marketing, where marketing companies can confuse and bamboozle lazy clueless clients into throwing exorbitant amounts of money away for marketing services that produce little to no results.

Phillip’s explanation of the difference between the two types of marketing make for a very solid foundation for why this book needed to be written. And he lays out a plethora of calls to action for all business owners to examine just what effect your marketing is having on your business.

You Should Read Fire Them Now IF: You have ever considered hiring marketing help.

If you have hired help, and been underwhelmed with the results.

If you are a business marketing agency, and want to know what holes could be poked in your business model.

If you do any type of marketing and want some simple strategies for where to begin and what to focus on.


fire them now by phillip stutts