First Step to Making a Shot: Shoot The Damn Ball

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First Step to Making a Shot: Shoot The Damn Ball dre baldwinI often receive messages from people who want to ask a ton of useless-knowledge questions.

How can I do this. What’s the best way to do that. What should I do if this happens. What are the chances of this thing over there.

The majority of the questions I get have some amount of validity; only a few are out-and-out stupid. What I want to know from these question-askers is, what actions have you taken?

Taking action and doing things is the simplest way to get answers to questions. People ask me a lot of subjective, hypothetical shit that they will know the answer to if they would go and fucking do something.

But questions, for a lot of people, are a convenient and efficient excuse for a lack of action. And a lot of question-askers are asking for information and advice that they will never, ever even put into use. Which means they’re wasting time — theirs and mine.

The first step in making a shot is to shoot the damn ball. Standing there holding the ball and thinking about it and hoping for advice or tips or help does not make you a bad person.

But I guarantee you won’t score any points until you toss something at the basket.

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