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Everybody likes free — it’s the one price we all can agree on. Here’s some stuff for you at no cost. Check back regularly for more and see my Courses page when you want some meatier stuff.

Buy A Game Book Cover Dre BaldwinMy First Book “Buy A Game”: I share my early basketball story from when I first started playing up through my college playing years. How I started, the high school varsity tryout disappointments, to walking on in college, to all the stuff that happened there… you will like Buy A Game.

101 Content Marketing Ideas: Want to start a blog, YouTube channel or anything online… but don’t know what to write/say? Or were to even begin? This handout has you covered.

How To Play As Well As Your Practice: This isn’t just for athletes! Do you suffer from performance anxiety? ever wonder how you can practice perfectly but not deliver at the same level? This is for you!

The Mental Handbook:


The Free HoopHandbook Offer With Jump Manual still stands: Heres the page with full details. Read the instructions.


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  • Joe

    I just check couple videos out they cool I’m 31 and thinking bout tryin one more time to go pro cause I played some pro ball wat advice would u give me on gettin pro ready after a couple yrs layoff . I understand the grind but I just wanna try one more time just see if I can go.

  • Ren

    hey Dre, i saw you play a couple of games and i thought you’re really good basketball player. I loved your videos on youtube and i liked learning from you. my questions is Why dont ya wanna go play out there in NBA?

    • Hello and thanks. You’re on my website so take a look at some of the content to answer your questions — start with the #SignDreBaldwin page.

  • Were looking for another guard to fill in for our roster. Steve Blake has not met the quota and we are in dire need of a tall PG. email me for more information.

    • Haha! i don’t think Kobe owns though…