Freemium: Knowledge Is Free, Most People Don’t Use It Anyway

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Freemium dre baldwinI used to mine knowledge.

Hold it, hide it, play keep-away with it from others. I figured they would know what I knew. In turn, they’d start doing the shit I do and profit (not necessarily with money) off of my ideas.

I don’t do that anymore. Because I realized that people are generally lazy.

All the knowledge anyone would want is out there right now — for pennies on the dollar, at most — but people still choose to do nothing with it. I’ve chosen to do nothing with some choice information at times. But I’d like to think I’ve taken advantage more often than not. And that I use info more than I ignore it.

Tell the average person everything you know, even something that could make them your competitor for valuable position you hold. They will nod their heads and do… nothing.

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