Front Row Seat: Get As Close To The Money As Possible

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When I go to any event — sports, business, personal development, whatever — I always aim to sit as close as I can to the front of the room.


Because the front of the room is where the money is. “Money” meaning the success, the achievement, the leadership.

The person on stage or playing in the game or teaching the class must have done something to get to that position. And if I’m in the audience at the moment I want to find out what this person did to get there.

I want to breathe the air they’re breathing. Smell their deodorant. Have the sweat drip on me. Get spit on when they yell to the audience. Feel their energy and read the look in their eyes. Because something in all of that information will help me get better so I can be the one up there.

If the money is on stage, you should be in the front row: As close to it as possible.

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